Fall Lust List

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It's a cold Fall day here in Seattle which of course leaves me dreaming about new shoes for the dropping temperature.  Boots are probably my most favorite type of shoes.  I'm the sort of girl that prefers to be wrapped up in layers, cozy and warm while nestling in for winter, with high socks scrunched into leather boots.  I'm just not a Summer or Spring girl, as lovely as those seasons are.  Fall and Winter are the seasons for me.  I have 1 & 2 awesome summer pairs of shoes from Sway Chic, an online store I discovered this summer.  And now that Fall is kicking in, I've found myself eyeing all of their Winter boots along with all of the overwhelmingly beautiful shoes over at Urban Outfitters.  What do you love most about Fall and Winter?

This post is sponsored by Sway Chic along with Rstyle.me.  I only accept sponsorship for products I truly love and promise to never compromise posting stuff I don't dig for dolla dolla billz ya'll.  


Deanna said...

"Three" needs to be added to my closet, asap.

Tyler and Natalie said...

#3, #5, and #6 are total lusts. Living in South Korea where shoes aren't sold above a size 7 can be a real hell hole, I'm tellin' ya.

JenetteD said...

You forgot : https://totokaelo.com/store/products/rick-owens/fw12/pull-on-wedge-boot/black ;)

ladaisi said...

So true, shoes are a wonderful part of Fall. I just found a pair of ballet flats I'd love to own for $90, which may not seem like a lot to some but is quite a bit for this thrifting mama. Plus I think my husband's head would explode. le sigh.

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