Fall Trends // Wide Brimmed Hats

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Can you guess what makes me excited for Fall?  Wide brimmed hats.  I love the masculine feel of a wide brimmed hat paired with long loose waves.  I usually avoid frills and bows and anything too kitschy at all costs in favor for something more sophisticated but a little bit raw and rugged.  To me, the wide brimmed hat is the perfect meeting point between rough & wild and something refined & classic.
What is your go to accessory choice for this Fall?


sweet harvest moon said...

Love my hats in the fall, perfect accessory!

Beth said...

I love a good hat!
4 & 8 are my favourites!

ladaisi said...

Awww I adore this post! New here ;)

I always want to wear hats, and for some reason I can't get beyond beanies and baseball caps... I should, though, I look damn good in cowboy hats.

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Bethany said...

I LOVE hats! I want more hats for fall, and more scarves for fall/winter.


The Braided Bandit said...

I love all of these! I love wearing hats this time of year, these are such good inspiration, thanks for sharing!
xo Hannah

Melissa said...

Love these hats! Are tights too obvious of an accessory for autumn? hehe

<3 Melissa

Angela&Roi said...

Love these hats! Amazing!

Chelsea Hansen said...

I was on the hunt for a wide brimmed hat that fit my (apparently too tiny) head. All have been too big for me. But I found one last night at H&M. I was so grateful that they actually carry different sizes in hats. I'm wearing it right now and love it :)

Rox said...

love love love these.

Angie Bailey said...

YES!!! Yes, yes, yes! These are gorgeous. They are like a cross between a fedora and cowboy hat, both of which I adore and wear often. LOVE. I need #s 2, 3, 5 and 9!

Andrea Carpenter said...

i am obsessed. OBSESSED.

dianne/icefloe said...

YES I love all of these hats. Brown fedoras are the best!