DIY Holiday Ornaments

Last year my roommate and I didn't get a Christmas tree simply because we both were traveling so much around Christmas time and we wouldn't be able to take care of it.  And the year before that I was a live in nanny so the family I was living with had their own tree.  Really, not since I lived at home before I went to college in 2004, did I have a Christmas tree in my own home that really felt Christmas-y, thoughtfully decorated, and mine.  But now that I live with my boyfriend, I am finally really excited to get a Christmas tree so we can decorate it with thoughtful ornaments, hopefully ones that I/we have made.  If I don't have much time to work on DIY projects this Winter I might just buy all of these beautiful ornaments.  But if I can scratch out a bit of time, I think all of these ornaments would be easy and fun to make!

1.  Quartz Crystal Ornaments - you can buy quartz stones with pre-drilled holes for jewelry making online.  Just use some wire to create a loop to string some ribbon through and you are done!  Or Purchase Here.
2.  White Pine Cones - The pine cone ornament above is actually a porcelain pine cone, but you could create a similar effect by just painting pine cones white, or whatever color you choose and hanging them on the tree!  Try spraying them with glitter spray for some sparkle.   Or Purchase Here.
3.  Antler Ornament - There are tons of antler earrings on Etsy.  Why not just buy a pair, remove the earring hook, and loop a ribbon through the jump ring to hang them on the tree!   Or Purchase Here.
4.  Glitter Paper Ornaments - Download a template of your favorite 3D geometric shapes, glue them together, and spray them with glitter spray and ta da!   Or Purchase Here.
5.  Wire Geometric Ornaments - Use some metal craft wire to create beautiful geometric shapes to hang on the tree!   Or Purchase Here.
6.  Black Straw Geometric Ornaments - If you are going for a super modern and minimalist look for the holidays. try spray painting some straws black, cutting them into different sizes and using black string, connect the straws together to create interesting shapes.   Or Purchase Here.

Have you made some of your own ornaments for the Holidays before?  What have you created?

When my parents were celebrating their first Christmas as a married couple, they didn't have any money to buy Christmas decorations.  So, they made some really beautiful Christmas ornaments out of hay that they still use today 30 years later.  They were living in a tiny town in the mountains of Northern California at the time and had a few different animals like horses, chickens, peacocks, cats, and dogs.  So they had an abundance of hay to craft with.  Even the star on top of the Christmas tree was made out of hay and they still have used it to don the top of tree each year since.  I love that the handmade hay ornaments have such a sweet and special story within our family.  And I think it is time for me to start making new ornaments to represent my own little life story, wherever it make take me and with whomever may stick with me on the journey ahead ;)


Carrie said...

How fun is this?!? I love it. It's so cool!


Krystal said...

i loooove those prism ones!

Yelle said...

The antlers are so cute! I would even keep a pair as earrings!

EM {Pushups with Polish} said...

absolutely LOVE these :) Happy holidays!

Johanna - Apartment 1302 said...

Yaaay, this is exactly what I am looking for! I'm buying a christmas tree for the first time this year and decorating it would be really expensive if I had to buy everything :) Love the wired things!

she. said...

These are so pretty.

Lorne said...

Simple, nice, festive, innovative, creative. Much better than buying all the kitsch out there.