Pendelton Portland Collection

I am absolutely head over heels in LOVE with the Fall Portland Collection from Pendelton.  Beautifully tailored, all of my favorite colors and tones, warm and rich textures, perfect patterns, I'm in heaven.
Ps, I just discovered that Pendelton Adventure Capitol Tote is on sale for almost $100 off on Modcloth right now!  Here is a link to receive $15 off of any order over $50!


sara grace said...

AH! Ill take every single Pendleton item please. Dreaming big :) xo

Kate said...

Those textures!! Dying. Thank you for the inspiration!

katy said...

you are on the best wave length right now. I bought a small-ish pendleton backpack on etsy last week, could not be more excited about it. they do simple and beautiful better then anyone.

Brianna said...

Oh wow! I need that yellow/red pillow - or maybe all of it since its marvelously geometric.

Melissa said...

Love this all, especially the bags!

<3 Melissa