Portrait: A Documentary

Can you spy me in this new documentary by Andy Newman that explores the question "In the age of Instagram, what sets a professional photographer apart?"  I feel so lucky to have gotten to be just a tiny part of this awesome documentary that features two of my favorite photographers, Andria Lindquist and Cory Staudacher, both fellow Seattlites.  Andria and I actually went to college together but didn't meet until after college.  She has only been doing for photography for 2 years but, my goodness, has she really honed her skills during that short time and she truly does live the life of an artist, visualizing the world through a photographers eye with every step she takes.
I so recommend giving this a watch, it's so interesting and refreshing hearing both Andria and Cory's perspectives on what it means to be a professional in the arts.  And below are a few of the photos from the shoot with Andria that was featured in the film.

Thank you to Andy and Andria for letting me be a little part of the making of this beautiful documentary!


Lauren said...

You posted this at the exact perfect moment! I'm writing a paper for school on this EXACT topic. Thank you!

Lala said...
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Lala said...

Amazingly beautiful and peaceful. You can feel the calm yet see the excitiement of all the stunning art that's being created in that tiny little piece of equipment...the camera. Thanks for sharing this great piece. You all seem like beautiful people to know.

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful Moorea, and Andria captured your spirit in the photos she took of you. Like making sculptures out of wood reveals the beauty and character of it, taking photographs can reveal the beauty and character of your subjects, and it's something you do frequently on your blog through your writings and your emphasis on a consistent level of aesthetic and loveliness. Thank you for sharing this documentary, another inspiring and thoughtful element to the oeuvre of your blog!