Turn Hopes Into Plans

I've been having an off week, or perhaps a few off weeks in a row.  Perhaps it is the because the sun sets so early now at 4:30pm.  Oof!  Or perhaps it's the Seattle winter grey gloom.  Perhaps it's just chemicals in the body, or maybe I'm feeling overwhelmed with all of the work I'm plugging away at.  I have so many things to be grateful for and nothing particularly bad going on in my life right now.  But I'm still feeling a bit off.  Whatever it is, I'm just in one of those seasons where depression is trying to knock down the walls I've built around it.  But what keeps be chugging along in these seasons of melancholy is remembering that you always have the choice to think of time as something on your side.  Time can slip away and your whole day has gone by without you knowing, leaving you feeling like you haven't be productive enough or efficient enough or what have you.  But the beautiful thing about time is that you are have control of your own mental clock.  You can start a new each hour if you so choose.  You have the choice to make a fresh change with each passing 24 hours.  You have the power to put the current week far behind you to move on to the start of the new week ahead.
So that is my current goal.  Get this week out of the way to make way for a new one, a week of refocus and determination.  A week of restructuring the mind, spirit, soul, space, and work that is a part of my world.  If you are having an off week, a hard season, a time where your mind seems to be working against you instead of with you, set a marker of time to regain control of your mind, that space that truly is only yours to control.  I hope that your week flys by and that the new one bares new fruit, new enlightenment  and new moments to balance out your heart and spirit.  I'm not just hoping but planning for new peace in the deepest parts of me as each day gets closer to a new week.  And I hope the same for you.  Turn your hopes into a plan and be eager and excited for the good changes to come. :)


Angie Bailey said...

*big hug* I have a week like that every month, just about. Mine is most likely due to depression, however I also have 'em just for... Well, no reason. That I know of. I take that as a cue to tune into my body and spirit, and for me that involves tarot reading, stretches, deep breathing, delicious meals, blogging about either what I am going through or how to get rid of the uninspired, off feeling.

I hope that the rest of your week is cheerier, and I hope next week will be absolutely wonderful for you, miss!

Liz Brown said...

Yes, I don't think people take enough personal responsibility for their 'moods.' It can be hard, but it really is possible to pull oneself out of ... or at least partly out of ... a rough time, just by deciding to.

The Great Willow Tree said...

the only good thing about an off period, is when it is over. I've had an off time for a few weeks, but now it's gone and I feel so good and creative and active again. Good luck getting in control again.

Roots and Feathers said...

i feel ya. im starting to feel a bit better the past few days, but goodness i had a few weeks like that this past month. more like a whole month or more. Im ready to take some time this winter season and regain my thoughts on a lot of things. take the pin to the paper, even if just to write my own poetry. get it out. hibernate a bit if i can. for some reason this season always brings out a bit of depression for me as well. and james. as soon as it gets cold each year, he starts to feel blue.

love you girl. i hope you are really able to take some you time out. xo

Jen said...

Thank you for posting this. I really needed to read something like this right now... I think it's so easy to get caught up in the bad weeks and suddenly it's a few bad months and then you wonder where all the time went. We can only make changes when we make the choice to make things better. Good luck to you, wishing for better weeks ahead :)