What I Wore // Party In the Back

Coat  //  H&M
Striped Shirt  //  Nordstrom
Colored Jeans  //  Nordstrom Outlet
Purse  //  c/o Angela & Roi
Shoes  //  c/o Wanted Shoes
Ring  //  coming to My Shop this week!

It's been awhile since I did an outfit post!  It's funny because I rarely do outfit posts in the summer which makes no sense because summer is the only time that it is not super rainy here in Seattle.  But I'm just not much of a summer girl.  I so prefer to be wrapped up in layers.  So you'll probably be seeing more outfit photos now that it is nice and cold outside again.
Also, I have been taking outfit photos for my blog for a few years now but it's always been tricky taking the photos because 1. I feel really awkward having other people take my photos, so I take them myself with a timer or with my remote.  2. I didn't have a tripod until a few days ago when I finally caved and bought one.  For the past few years I've just propped my camera up in weird conspicuous ways to try and take photos of myself.  Ai yi yi, so complicated.  Having a tripod makes this SO much easier!  I use a Canon T1i camera body which I purchased after college in 2009 and 2 different lenses.  So I just decided to buy the Canon tripod and I love it.

Anyway, on to the outfit.  I wear this coat more than any other coat in my closet.  It's basically a blanket that you can wear.  And I feel like army green goes with everything.  These pants are THE most comfortable pants I've ever worn.  And I've been wearing these sparkly boots non stop lately.  I love that they are a neutral color but have some party in the back.  
Isn't that little brown satchel so cute?  Well guess what, I am doing a giveaway for that satchel in the color of your choice next week on the blog!  In the winter, I kind of prefer wearing faux leather bags since it rains so much.  The rain rolls right off the satchel protecting all of the goodies inside from getting wet.  It actually was raining a little while I was taking these photos!
And last but not least, I have been pumping out new jewelry for my Winter collection for the past few weeks and I will be loading them all into the shop on Black Friday!  Exciting exciting!  I also have a few fun things planned for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday... This should be a really fun week ahead!


Courtney said...

love love the shoes and pants! so very fallish!

xo, Courtney

Yelle said...

Ooo Lovely ring! You're so phenomenal!

Moorea Seal said...

Thank you! I am not usually into colored pants but I'm obsessed with that creamy mustard color :)
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Aww you're too sweet. Thank you! <3
xo Moorea

Angie Bailey said...

Ahhhh! Those boots, that ring, that jacket... I want all three!!! You look gorgeous, lady. Love your hair style!

Krystal said...

if i did outfit posts i'd do more in the winter, i like winter clothes better :) those boots rock!

sweet harvest moon said...

Love it!

Anna Zimmerman said...

I love those pants Moorea! You pull them off so well. And I have been eyeing those boots for weeks. I think I first saw them on your Pinterest.

You look great!

Betty Red Design said...

I love the colour of your trousers! And the ring is so lovely.

Tonya Ruanto said...

oh the boots. wow