Gift Ideas For: Cutie Kiddos

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I don't have any kids of my own but I did babysit and nanny for about a million years before I became self employed and started pursing art making full time.  And I'll be honest, sometimes I just really miss squeezing little baby fingers and giving them big hugs, reading them stories and playing dress up.  But I'm in no rush to have kids of my own.  I love little babies and kids but I am so NOT looking forward to having teenagers someday.  Moms, you are saints.
Here is a collection of unique and classic presents for cool kids.  I have them all collected on my Luvocracy page in a "For the Cool Kids" collection, so you can find them all for sale in the same place, easy peasy!  I'm especially in love with those little leopard shoes.  I think my friend Margaret's fashionable little lady would look awesome rocking those cutie shoesies!


Allie said...

Haha, i love that princess bunny. I want it for myself! I can't wait till I have kids and I get to buy them cool shit.

Kacie said...

Yay! We just got Gwyneth a dollhouse like that... actually it's my dollhouse from when I was little. I can't wait to give it to her for Christmas/her 2nd birthday! Love your list!