Gift Ideas For: A Mountain Man

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About a month ago I started collecting inspiration for my holiday gifts on Luvocracy.  It's kind of like Pinterest where you can create collections of all of your favorite things in well organized boards.  But from the Luvocracy site itself you can actually make purchases of all of your listed favorite items!  It's pretty awesome.  I bought my Dad's Christmas gift through Luvocracy after I had put it in one of my collections and the transaction was super easy and it arrived safe and sound!  All of the manly man gifts can be found and purchased on my Luvocracy page.  Go have a look!  If you need an invite to the site, click here!

I'll be honest, a few of these gift ideas are inspired by my mountain man :)  I rarely talk about my boyfriend online because I like to keep our personal life private.  But I thought this would be a fun way to infuse a little bit of his taste into my Holiday Gift Guide.  First of all, Max and I are both plaid lovers.  I mean, we live in Seattle, it's like the city's uniform.  And Peacoats are just a classic.  I am a big fan of classic and well tailored men's wear as is Max and I think this plaid shirt, peacoat, handsome brown leather boots and the wool sweater would be perfect additions to his closet.  
What are some other classic elements to the Mountain Man?  Well home brewed beer and some whiskey of course.  And to pair with that, whiskey stones and some slate coasters.  Every mountain man also needs his trusty canister of matches and a cool looking axe case for when he's out in the woods chopping up wood and making a campire.  And campfire cologne?  Isn't that genius!?  The mountain man has to have a sturdy backpack for his outdoor adventures along with a watch to tell the time when cellphones are out of service and a warm blanket for the cold mountain nights.
And last but not least, a beautiful shaving set.  Max recently invested in a vintage straight razor to shave his face.  Don't worry, the blades themselves are fresh and new.  He got a beautiful brush and metal stand for the set as well and I have to say, I love the look of cool barbering tools hanging out in our bathroom.  I feel like men who are into learning the old school way of shaving with a straight razor are the perfect counter part to women who just embody that do/make it yourself spirit.  I'm no DIY queen, but I do appreciate the do it yourself attitude and I do have that passion for learning new techniques and crafts.  Do any of you have boyfriends/husbands/partners who use a straight razor?


sweet harvest moon said...

Love the backpack!

Yelle said...

Love the beer making kit!

Erin McCann said...

I bought a straight razor for my husband this Christmas! He has always wanted a vintage one but we could never find one without a broken hinge. Where did your boyfriends come from?

Tyler and Natalie said...

This gift guide is fantastic. My husband is a mountain man through and through. He's been shaving with a straight razor for years and collects vintage razors whenever we find ourselves near an antique store. That campfire cologne is genius!

kristin said...

What a great gift guide for men! I always struggle finding the perfect gift for the men in my family and I find this post to be very helpful/inspiring. Thank you!