Giveaway Winners for the Holidays!

Time for the holiday giveaway winners to be announced!  I hope that all of you who have already celebrated your holidays have had a beautiful season with those you love and cherish.  And for those of you who are celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas!  I'm excited to announce all of the giveaway winners for the Carolina Benoit gift certificate, the Bowery bag from Ona, the golden star earrings from ElisabethSpace, and the gift certificate to Luksin Designs.

Carolina Benoit $50 Gift Certificate - Janine!

Ona Bowery Bag - Holly!

ElisabethSpace Golden Star Earrings - Erin!

Luksin Designs $50 Gift Certificate -  Marisela Lara!

Congratulations ladies!  And click here to get a congratulations song :)  Please email me at moorea{at}moorea-seal.com to claim your prizes.  Or send me a message through my contact page.  Happy Holidays!

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Marisela said...

Yay! I'm so happy, I won the $50 gift certificate to Luksin Designs! Thank you so much! Happy holidays! :)