In the Stillness

Please excuse me if it is a bit quiet on my blog this week.  I have been working extremely hard for the past week with little rest and I am quite a bit exhausted.  December is my favorite month and the holiday season is the most important season for my business.  But, woo, it also means I have to work very very hard during this time of the year!  Wish me luck that I can keep plugging away while staying positive and alert!  And I'll see you next week :)

The photo above is from the snowy mountains of where I grew up in Northern California.  I am so excited to go home for Christmas.  Hopefully I can force myself to take a few days off from work while I am there to simply enjoy the stillness and quiet of the magical Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I love getting to reunite with old friends at the holidays.  My hometown and home county are very very small so everyone knows everyone.  We only have a few bars in my hometown so at Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's basically a high school reunion at the bars with everyone home for the Holidays.  I love it.  In high school I was your typical moody teenager who felt alone and unnoticed.  Everything was so serious and dramatic and intense for me back then.  I roll my eyes at my high school me.
I think what is so fun about seeing so many people from the past during the holidays is that I am constantly reminded that I grew up in a truly magical place with really quality people.  Everyone I know from the past has grown into a collective of truly wonderful people.  I am always happy to run into people from the past and I love hearing how things have changed and grown for them over the years.  I'm just so thankful for the place I am from and the people I grew up with.  I wish I could go back to my younger self and tell her, "Moorea, you are loved and you are not alone."  I am grateful for my hometown full of love and peacefulness.  I'd be happy to be called a product of my upbringing and my environment because I am proud of both and love my hometown immensely.
xo Moorea


Liz Brown said...

Oh my GOODNESS I know what you mean about those teen years. I took myself so seriously.

(Not that I'm totally unselfish now, but I like to think I've matured at least a little bit.)

Anyways, heres to tiny hometowns and rural upbringing! I love mine too.

Audrey - This Little Street said...

Keep it up, girl. You're almost there :)