52 Lists // Week 3

I'll be heading to Alt Summit tomorrow in Salt Lake City which I am both incredibly excited about and very intimidated by.  I have wanted to go for a few years now and now that I finally have the chance, I think I need to prepare myself emotionally for this exciting adventure along with all the other necessary prepping like packing up my suitcase and bundles of business cards.  Taking inspiration from the need to prepare for an 4 day event in which I will be meeting tons of incredible people in the blog and design world, I thought our list this week should be about remembering what we should be proud of about ourselves.  I phrased it "List the things you should be proud of" for a reason.  I absolutely believe that everyone has reasons to be proud of who they are, what they have made it through and what they have created in their lives.  But many of us doubt that we even have anything to be proud of.  If you are having a hard time feeling proud of anything about yourself or in your life, you can at least try to acknowledge those things which you should seek to find pride in.  Pride is not a bad thing.  Being pompous and show off-y isn't a good thing.  But to trust in your own confidence, you must acknowledge that you have justified reasons for being content and happy with yourself and your efforts.  Failures, even repeated failures, do not define you.  They are at least markers that you took action and made a serious effort.  And that is enough to be very proud of my friends.  List your efforts, your best qualities, your dreams and hopes, how you learned from a hard situation, and anything else that helps you recognize that you have reason to be proud of yourself.

I really look forward to reading all of the ways in which you should be proud of yourself.  I definitely want to keep adding to this list over time as I accomplish more and more smaller goals in 2013.  Any new marker of progression is a great one I think.  As always, feel free to link up your list below once you have completed it.  Just click the "click here to enter" button below to add your list to our group collective! 

If you post your list on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, use the hashtag:  #52lists2013 
And for those of you who would like to join in and are starting late, no worries!  You can start at any point, skip any lists you are not interested in, or challenge yourself to fill out the lists from the very beginning.  Each new list is up on my blog on Tuesdays and you can check out all the previous lists in the 52 Lists series here!


  1. I live in Salt Lake!! Utah can be pretty in the winter but be careful of the slippery roads and don't let the disgusting winter air get to you. Inversion is gross. Hope you have a great time and don't freeze!!

  2. Thank you so much for coming up with this list series. I never was much of a list maker but now I literally can't wait for Tuesdays because I know a new list will be put up. I also love your descriptions of each list. They are so heartfelt and moving. Bottom line: thanks for inspiring me :)

    1. I completely agree!! I've loved reading everyone else's lists and descriptions too.

  3. I love lists, heading now to check out the first two and maybe I'll have a go at it too! Your 'Things To Be Proud of" list is wonderful.

  4. I have been so inspired by your 52 Lists project. I definitely agree with you that we should be proud of so many things in ourselves but fail to give ourselves credit sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing, I need to go make some lists now;)


  5. Have fun at Alt! I've always wanted to go, but just can't justify it. Especially this year when I'm taking so much time off of work for my honeymoon. Enjoy! Can't wait to hear about how much you love it once you're back!


  6. Wonderful list, Moorea and you are SO right about the fact that some people do have a hard time taking pride in certain aspects of their life, their accomplishments or simply their own traits. I also believe that a healthy ego, pride in who you are, what you do and what you have done is a very good thing. I also agree that being a show off and/or pompous is not. ;)

    Have a wonderful time in SLC!!! It's cold - pack warm!

  7. yay! can't wait to start on mine. Where did you live outside the US? I grew up in Hong Kong and definitely know its a huge transition moving back--maybe more for me since I was so young when we first left the US.

  8. I love this idea, my have to have a go.


  9. I'm so happy that you've found the courage to accept love in your life... it's something that took me a long time to do but now I have a wonderful husband and son. Love is wonderful!

  10. it's great to get some insight into what you've been through--you are inspiring! great theme this week--it really caused me to reflect a bit! :)

  11. you just named all the reasons why i love you!

  12. haha oops. i accidently posted an image of my face i was confused on what to do >_< i wish i knew how to delete it but i posted it correctly the second time yay

  13. I'm joining the project a bit late, but here are my first 3 weeks :)


  14. Hi Moora and THANK YOU for creating 52 Lists! Without even realising that I was looking for 'something' I stumbled across your blog and very cool project this morning and now I've done the first 3 weeks. I'm going to love this project :)


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