This weekend I played around with some artistic shots of this beautiful set of earrings and a ring from Pantheia and this is my favorite image.  I have been wearing the ring non stop since I received it early last week and it has quickly become my favorite ring.  I actually am allergic to all metals except sterling silver and gold.  So when I wear a silver ring that is not sterling, I have a reaction a few hours later which is obviously a dead giveaway that it is not sterling silver.  The quality of this ring and the earrings is impeccable.  My skin doesn't itch even one bit and the black leaves set in each piece are just magical.  You know when you buy something, take it home and realize, eh this isn't really my style.  But every once and awhile you get something and feel like it perfectly embodies your style?  I would say this ring did exactly that.  I love the earrings too but the ring is utter perfection.

Pantheia is a really great company.  They are based out of Bali and only work with local artisans and craftsman when creating and producing their jewelry.  Their company not only works with, but gives back to their community in Bali which is such an admirable way to run a business.
With their new line of jewelry, clothing and bags called Ancestry, coming in the Spring, they have decided to donate 15% of all profits to Sacred Childhoods Foundation.  It's a wonderful organization also based in Bali that focuses on getting kids off of the streets where many need to beg to help take care of their families.  They are helping fight against Human Trafficking and it seems they are doing great work to help build more sustainable lives for local families as well.  Hooray for great organizations doing good work, encouraging an investment in learning and honing local skills and crafts so that people can build sustainable lives and careers.


Angie Bailey said...

Unf. I need that ring. And the leaf is black?! I SO NEED. I love nature and natural inspired jewelry. Simply gorgeous.

himuka said...

Beautiful creations!
Checked out the website - they have a lot of great pieces. Great finds!
Thank you Moorea

Little Dotty Bird said...

They are simply stunning...I love them! and especially loving that they are ethically made and supporting a wonderful charity. I'll go check out their website x

Noor said...

That is so pretty. They have so many great people in Bali that make the most amazing things that I could have stayed and looked forever and YES the community is just amazing. You feel so at ease and home.

Jesi Langdale said...

Gorgeous rings! Anything leaf is awesome in my book. :)

Anonymous said...

A giveaway? Pweeeeease?