Smilebooth // Alt Summit SLC

Morgan, Chelsey, Me, Dayna.  This photo proves I could be a muppet character.

It's been a bit quiet around these parts for the past few days because I am been having the time of my life at Alt Summit in Salt Lake City!  I just got back yesterday and got sick pretty much as soon as I got on my first airplane of 3.  I had a layover from SLC to Spokane, WA, then Spokane to Portland, OR, then Portland to Seattle.  A bit ridiculous considering that it takes probably 2 hours to fly from SLC to Seattle.  And it takes 4ish hours to drive from Spokane to Seattle OR Portland to Seattle.  But it gave me lots of time to decompress and reflect upon my epic adventure at Alt Summit.
Now if there is one thing you can learn about me pretty quickly through spending a day with me in person, its that I am very goofy and love making people laugh.  And in my 26 years, I have mastered the art of making funny and/or "interesting" faces.  My roommates for Alt: Chelsey, Dayna, and Morgan, all thankfully have a similar sense of humor as me and I think we were laughing the entire time we were at Alt.
The last night of Alt was just a party fest where about 6 different companies held parties in different rooms of one floor of the hotel and one of those rooms was hosted by the super spunky The Girls with Glasses.  Of course, as with any blogger event, Smilebooth was there and I got to chat with the pretty miss James of Bluebird's husband Aubrey for a moment when Smilebooth was set up at Alt earlier in the week.  My new friends and I took a million photos together at the party where we ended our night of fun.  So I've picked out the cream of the crop to share with you :)

Morgan, Chelsey, Gabby (one of the Alt queens), Me, Dayna
Yes, we all drank wine.  And no I'm not drunk, I only had 1 glass.  I act like a fool with or without wine involved.
Me, Whitney, Chelsey
Dayna, Me, Dude From Smilebooth
Nom nom nom, curls.  I wish the Method logo wasn't covering my face in this one.
Morgan's face.  Priceless.  I think she's pretty amazing.
Aubrey & Katie photo-bommed by me.
I LOVE Whitney in this photo.
Dayna and I discovered we are the same person.  I adore her.
Roommates!  Ladies who are professional in the day time and goofy 12 year olds at night.

In conclusion, not only was Alt absolutely incredible for my blog and business, but it was so fun meeting new friends and having tons of fun late into the night every night.  I will FOR SURE be going to either, or possibly both, Alt Summit: NYC and Alt Summit: SF!


heather m said...

I keep seeing all these posts about Alt Summit and - AH! - I am one jealous lady. It sounds like such an amazing weekend and your pictures are proof that it certainly was :) If there are any better ingredients to a perfect weekend besides being surrounded by amazing, creative women who love to blog, great outfits, and a glass (or two) of wine? I'd like to know. Immediately.

Great pictures. You gals are too cute.

Cai said...

D'awww! Cutest pics ever. Love your dress too!

Haley Rankins said...
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Haley Rankins said...

This is quite random--but you totally remind me of a young Meryll Streep(who i find gorgeous, btw) Cute dress--Looks like you had a great time!

Dayna said...

Feeling's mutual! #TWINSIES!

kelsey bang said...

love all these pictures! you are adorable! so glad I got to meet you for a second at alt :) love your blog! fantastic design!

charity victoria said...

haha, girl, you cray! I love all of these! Your hair + dress look gorgeous, by the way.