What I Wore // Marshmallow Snow

First outfit post of the New Year!  Yep, those are marshmallows you see strewn behind me.  My studio is in a community center that is attached to a church and they have this awesome giant winter wonderland DIY decor at the moment.  From a distance, the magical floating marshmallows look like waves of snow.  I though, hey, why not do an outfit post in front of the marshmallow snow since it's probably not going to snow anytime in Seattle anytime soon.  I'm writing this on Wednesday night and maybe in between the time it goes live on Thursday morning and now, it will snow.  Fingers crossed!

I received these leather touch screen gloves from AT&T at Christmas and I love them.  I've never used touch screen gloves before but man are they handy. (punny punny, heehee)  Also to note:  pretty much the only colors I wear are neutrals:  black, brown, grey, white.  The only ways I really like spicing up my wardrobe are with a few creamy warm colors and some bold prints.  I just got some super cute black/white/grey patterned scarves at Target yesterday that I plan on wearing every day for the rest of my life.  Also to note, I don't think I really like the pattern of the shirt I'm wearing here, I've just had it forever and I at least like that it's black and white.  And after seeing these photos, I feel like these boots are really really shiny and that is weird to me.  I prefer a more matte boot.  Also, I am picky.

Coat  //  c/o Oasap
Sweater  //  UO from a few years ago
Top  //  Nordstrom a few years ago
Pants  //  Sample Sale
Boots  //  Zulilly.com
Gloves  //  c/o AT&T
Bag  //  Coach


Natalie said...

Um, hello gorgeous. Loving the entire ensemble.

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

That marshmallow background is absolutely amazing! So much fun! And I love your outfit too. I really like your neutrals based outfits, you always look really put together and professional xo

sweet harvest moon said...

Love your gloves! Touch screen gloves can be pretty ugly but these are pretty and feminine!

Angie Bailey said...

You're so adorable! <3 I love your jacket, I want my own so badly. O.O And those boots! I love those boots!!!

Ashlee said...

Love the snowy backdrop and those boots are too awesome! <3

Orchid Grey said...

gahhh...your bag! it's perfect with those tassels. Also perfect? your outfit against this awesome backdrop, you're looking beautiful as always lady!

danica said...

cute outfit! love the coat. :)

HollyDolly said...

The marshmallow wall is so cool! And those boots are fantastic.


Andrea Carpenter said...

girlfriend! i am loving this outfit. LOVING IT. i've been pretty much changing my style a lot and filling my closet with mostly neutrals as well. i had dark hair for so long that dark colors looked too monochromatic on me (and not really in a good way), but now that i have red hair i can rock the all black look! yay!

also, i'm part of the team that creates the art installations at my church and i have been DYING to use marshmallows in a creative and fun and unique way. i love this interpretation!