52 Lists // Week 7

Something I have noticed about myself is that my happiness is not reliant on seeking out what makes me happy.  It is more reliant on what makes me feel healthy.  Have you ever thought about that?  There are so many elements that contribute to happiness, or a joyful contentment with your life.  It's not just about spoling yourself rotten with presents and treats.  Oh, if it were that simple :)  Contentment and happiness have so much more to do with trusting yourself, trusting that you have made efforts to invest in your mind, body, and soul, even making efforts that may feel annoying to you.  Great things are hard to make happen without a little challenge, some grunt work and a bit of effort!

A few months ago, I realized I have a negative reaction to gluten.  I don't have celiac.  But I had been feeling ill every night for a few months before I realized it was all the gluten I had been eating.  I felt sick to my stomach every night, I was grumpy and complaining every night, I felt bloated and like my stomach was full of painful bubbles constantly.  And lets be real here, it's hard to feel pretty when you feel like crap everyday.  Also, it's not very fair to the person you love to be complaining to them all the time when you can prevent yourself from feeling bad!  When I realized it was gluten, I was really frustrated.  I had been making fun of the fact that eeeeeveryone seems to be gluten intolerant these days.  But, dang it, I just feel a million times better and happier when I don't eat it.  Sometimes when I am having a really bad day, I really miss the comfort of a real gluten-full croissant or a chocolate chip cookie, or a pie (...can you tell I freakin' LOVE pastries?  Because I do.) and I'll find myself guiltily buying and inhaling a few cookies or a mini pie.  And sure, for the 30 seconds I am eating, I feel comforted.  But then 30 mins later and for the next 3 days I feel not good at all.  So it really does me no good to seek out gluten when I am having a bad day because my day can only get worse from eating it!

Do you find yourself in stupid cycles like that, seeking out comfort in things that you KNOW won't make you feel any better in the long run, happiness or health-wise?  Maybe it is time to make a list of all of the things that you KNOW make you feel healthy in your mind, body, and soul so that when you have those moments when you need a pick me up, you can turn to your healthy list rather than your equivalent to my gluten love/hate relationship! :)  Sometimes choosing a challenge (like going for a jog rather than reaching for the tv remote) can result in the best confidence and comfort boost because you are reminded, hey, I AM in control of my life, my emotions, my choices, my health and my happiness.  Seek the greater reward, not the momentary thing that you know will only leave you feeling crappy.

I'll admit, I haven't been exercising much lately.  And I am sure that hasn't helped my mood at all.  So it has helped me to have my boyfriend to motivate me to taken advantage of the sun when it is here in Seattle and go for a run.  And on Sunday my friend Allie invited me to a hot yoga class, which I have never done, which was surprisingly awesome!  (Also, I didn't know it was hot yoga till I got there, so that probably helped to get me there in the first place. ha!)  I have always been scared of hot yoga, but I ended up feeling so powerful and energized and content with myself after doing it and the sweaty-ness of it all made me feel like I pushed all the crappy toxins out of my body leaving me only with the good stuff :)  Sometimes seeking happiness and health means letting others influence you in healthiness.  So let's inspire each other to seek health in our daily lives through our lists this week!

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Jenni said...

I love your list project!
I also have a bad reaction to Gluten and when you wrote that sometimes you really just crave a choc. chip cookie that jumped out at me, because recently I ran across a gluten free chocolate chunk cookie, its a package of 12 in the refrigerated dairy aisle called- (immaculate baking co.) and you just put them in the oven for 15 min. To me they are better than a regular cookie.
Just wanted to share because I know how it is when you are really craving something.

The Vintage Gypsy said...

So interesting! Every week you say something while writing these lists that I competely can connect with. This week it is the gluten! For about a month now I have been aware of gluten and it's effect on my body so I've been making some needed changes. Thanks for these lists!!

Dani Enright said...

I am also gluten intolerant and have been gluten free for 8 years! The reason why gluten intolerance is so prevelant now is two fold: Better diagnosis and awareness. But also wheat has been so genetically modified over the past 20 years that our bodies don't reconize it as food anymore! It sets off an allergic response in many people from gas and bloating to anaphalaxis.
By the way~ those gf cookies from Immaculate Baking Co are AWESOME!!!

Brooke Shipton said...

Ok - I got so confused when I printed out Weeks 6 and 7 to catch up! The Week 7 List PDF download appears to still have "Week Six" right by the prompt. Hope I am not a broken record of people telling you this!

Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

We are trying our best to be gluten free as I also noticed back in Schumpeter that it just makes me sluggish! I am brand new to your blog today and so happy I found it! I am going to play catch up for myself on the last 6 lists and look forward to finishing up the year with you!

Moorea Seal said...

Thank you Jenni! I'll totally check those out. I also LOVE Betty Crocker's package gluten free cookie mix!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Go you! I've felt so much better without gluten. it's SO worth ditching it!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Awesome! Now i really need to check out those cookies!
And that totally makes sense if it's getting so genetically modified that we can't take it anymore. ugh, people need to stop messing with food so much that we stop processing it well! Because boy, does bread taste yummy!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Woopsies! Nope, no one has told me that. Sorry about that mess up!
xo Moorea

Moorea Seal said...

Awesome! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
Yea it definitely helps to be off gluten as I feel way more energetic and positive too!
xo Moorea

Loves Happy Hour said...

Since the linky is closed on this list, I will just link mine here! Having such a great time doing this!!


Ffion said...

Posted this one to my blog :)
Starting to get more creative with the design around my calligraphy lists, thanks for the inspiration!


Adrienne Rose said...

The linky list says it's closed, but here is my Week 6/7 entry!


I haven't been exercising much as of late either. It's cold here in Germany, still! But, as soon as Spring decides to show... You know it! Haha. I will probably procrastinate it some more! hahaha.

I miss being in the PNW (Portland), it never got too cold really to be outside! I even miss the rain right now, because it meant that it wasn't cold enough to snow! haha.

Sarah said...

I guess I'm just going to post my list up here, too, since the list is closed!



Aishling O'Neill said...
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Aishling O'Neill said...

The linky list is closed! Really wish it was open cos love that little tool! Here is my Week 7 anyhow! Love this project :)

Sempre Sorres: Week 7

Penny Rader said...

Sorry the linky list is closed. I'm running way behind. My Week 7 list is here: http://pennyrader.blogspot.com/2013/08/52-lists-week-7-list-things-that-make.html