52 Lists // Week 8 + Stories About My Musical Past

I think it's time we do something a little more light hearted and fun in the 52 Lists project.  So this week the prompt is "List Your Favorite Albums!"  I may have to do a completely separate prompt for just your favorite songs because I have a separate list in my mind of those too!  My personal story with music is a funny, pretty intimate, and mixed one.  I grew up in a somewhat musical family.  My sisters love to sing & my mom and dad were in bands when they were in high school & in their twenties.  They both were pretty wild in the old days.  My mom actually became Christian when she was 29, she was staunch Atheist till then, because she wanted free voice lessons so she joined a church choir!  Ha!  My dad is an Episcopalian priest and sings during part of the service every week.  They both have VERY eclectic taste in music.  My mom was a party girl in the 70s so she loves her disco music and soul music.  My dad still digs a few of the bands he listened to when he was younger, mostly in the vein of Quicksilver Messenger Service.  But for the most part, he is REALLY into up and coming modern bands.  He's basically the original hipster, always ahead of the curve on who will be popular in indie & underground music before anyone else.  He introduced me to Animal Collective in high school and so many other bands that I now call life long favorites.

My mom still sings in my dad's church choir.  And when I was a little girl, I was desperately eager to get to sing in the choir when we lived in England.  You had to be 6 to be in it so I was pretty pumped when I finally turned 6.  Through out middle school & junior high I sang in the church choir along with singing in my school's choir.  And when I hit high school, I was singing non stop.  By senior year of high school I was in a few different choirs in school, I think 3 to be total.  One before school that met at 6:30am, and two during school.  The Chamber choir would do about 60 performances a year and we traveled up and down the West Coast a lot.  We even got to travel through Germany, Austria, & Hungary on a coral tour.  And then some friends and I started a classical semi-professional coral group outside of school too.  We were called Penumbra.
I taught myself guitar when I was 15 and started writing music at the same time but didn't tell any of my friends.  But my freshman year of college I gained the courage to start performing my own music which then lead me to record my own folk album when I was 19 called "Be My Friend." Looking back on that album now... oof, I was quite a moody teenager :)  But I'm glad I recorded it so now I can share it with you!  (Keep in mind, I was 15-19 when I wrote these songs...)  Below you can download each of the songs on the album:

I had considered majoring in vocal performance in college but I decided I didn't want to pursue music as a career.  I would have loved to become a classical vocal performer but at the same time, I don't think I would have liked the lifestyle and relying on my voice for a profession sounds too nerve wracking.  So in college, I ditched out on choir as I suddenly found I did NOT fit in with the choir kids.  And I started performing my music a lot on campus at events & sometimes at coffeeshops.  I even got to open for Rocky Votolato when he performed at my college.  Here are a few of the folk songs I wrote later in college which I like a million times more than the earlier ones.  I never released them as an album but was thinking of naming the album "Frost's Acceptance" after the poem by Robert Frost:

I'll admit that most of my songs were about love & loss.  I really struggled with depression when I was younger so the song Thistles is actually a really important song to me, one that pulled me out of my depression when I was 19.  Swimming & Patrick are about the death of one of my dear friends in college.  Death of a City is about Hurricane Katrina.  And Goodbye is about how I felt returning to my hometown every summer during college.  And every other song is about love... I think I wrote one or two songs about every boyfriend I had from high school through college, but most of them were about my first love.  When my boyfriend Max as I started dating over 3 years ago I actually decided NOT to write a song about him because he just felt so special to me that I didn't want to jinx it by writing a song!  And the songs I was writing around age 23/24 just felt like they were getting too intimate to share with others anyway.  So I haven't written anything in the past 3 years!  Here are some of the last more experimental songs I wrote before age 24.

To wrap up my story of my involvement in music over the years, I was a singer in a band 2 years ago called The Mopes.  I'd call it a mixture of Surf Rock, Weezer, and a touch of Elliott Smith's heart.  I know, it sounds crazy but it was fun.  Patrick (a different Patrick than mentioned above), the writer for our band sounds just like Elliott Smith and has a very sincere spirit to match.  The group of us were all big fans of Morrisey, a lot of Jangle Pop, mixing loud sounds with innocent story telling.  Here are a few downloads of some of our songs.

So let's get to it everyone!  Write out your list of your favorite albums of all time.  I think my list could span a few pages if I let it.  :)  Music has had such a HUGE part in shaping my life over the years that each album I love deeply now feels like a little part of my personal story.  Do you feel the same way about how music can play a pivotal roll in your life?  I so look forward to reading your lists so I can pick up some new jams to listen to!

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ahhh I follow you on Pinterest and just found out about this project; I'm so excited to be joining it, and also now officially following you on BlogLovin' :D

XO Sahra

Allie said...

Awww I still love listening to your music. It seems like so long ago! The Mopes were so fun; I miss that band.

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Fastest list I've put together yet! :)

Faith said...

I really enjoyed listening to your music!

Kristin B said...

HUGE high fives for having that Alison Krauss & Union Station album on your list! I've never run into anyone else who listens to them. That album is MAGIC, huh?

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

the Harry Potter Soundtrack because you are obsessed - ME TOO!

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here is the link to my week 8 :) - http://www.heraura.com/2013/03/52-lists-weeks-7-9.html

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Week 8 list: http://loveshappyhour.blogspot.com/2013/04/52-lists-week-8.html

I'm so behind! :(

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Linky list is closed :( ah well. here is my list!! http://blog.adriennerose.me/2013/04/52-lists-89-music-travel.html

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Here's my list! I'll post a picture if the linky list opens again :)



Aishling O'Neill said...

This one was hard not to include every single band or musician I listen too haha! :D

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Still going strong! This week was fun :) http://cupofsimmy.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/52-lists-projectweek-eight-list-your.html