A Letter to My Little Self

Today I am doing a little guest post on my friend Savannah's blog with a letter to my 6 year old self.  Sometimes it is really special to look back on your life and reflect on all that has changed and formed the person that you are now.  My little self went through some really hard things that caused her to grow up and become responsible very fast.  But I know that because of those hardships, I have become my best self today and I was made to quickly learn the importance of kindess, compassion, strength, vulnerability, perseverance, and trust.  Read my letter to my little self here.


kelsey bang said...

this is such a great idea, and so sweet!

Ashleigh said...

Loved reading this over at Savannah's blog today. When you talked about your vulnerability it really spoke to me...grown up me, not little me. Thanks for sharing your story!

xx Ashleigh

Emily Elizabeth said...

Such a beautiful letter, Moorea.

Arra A. said...

This is really sweet and a lovely letter. I'm now thinking of what I should tell my younger self. By the way you look so cute in that jumper!! :)


whitney @ thecurtiscasa said...

aww i love mini-moorea in that beautiful garden! and those socks!!

emily said...

I have heard about writing to your younger self, but never as young as 6. Whole different concept. Also, little you were so very adorable, so sweet!!