A Video Interview

So about a year ago I participated in a RAW Artists event and oh my gosh it was wild!  It was held in a night club and by the time the event got underway, the entire space was packed.  RAW featured painters, illustrators, clothing designers, hair stylists, DJs, musicians, and more during the event with a live runway show and artwork strewn across the walls.  And they invited me to show my jewelry at the event too!  Turns out, drunk girls are pretty awesome customers, ha!
I just stumbled upon this interview they did with me that I didn't even know existed.  I can tell I was a bit nervous because when someone interviews me and I am feeling awkward, I pull my chin back and my jaw is really tight when I talk.  Therefore it looks like I have a huge chin in this video, but whatever.  I won't claim that my answers are very eloquent, but it was really fun for me to stumble across this interview a year after the experience.  And as I prophesied in the video, it's true, I do love making jewelry a bit more graphic design & illustration which is why a year later I have ditched out of my freelance graphic design and illustration work and have fully focused on my blog and my jewelry line.

You know, it would be really fun to do an interview of yourself once a year to then save to watch a year later.  It would be so fun to have each year of your life documented in a little 5 minute video where you explain how you are doing in your personal and work life so that in time, you can see how little sparks from the past have turned into major elements of you life in the future.  Interested in starting a little video diary with me?  I think it could be fun!  What do you think?


Siobhan Watts said...

I don't think you came across as nervous at all, just really sweet and down to earth and passionate about what you do. I like the idea of a yearly video diary. I just watched a show here in the UK called 'Child of Our Time' where they film and interview 25 children and their families every year from birth. It's been going for about 12 years now.

heather m said...

Your chin is just fine, girl. ;)
Seeing videos of myself is always so weird - Is that how my voice really sounds!? Why am I doing that? I thought I was funnier!

That said, I really like your idea of a video diary. I'd have to get over my awkwardness, but it might be really fun! I'd love to get my guy to do it with me.. but that's probably a stretch. Hah. I'll keep you posted!

Meanz Chan said...

I think you did great! It was weird seeing my own RAW video interview as well. I've watched it recently and although it wasn't nearly a year ago, more like 6 months, it's still awesome to see that I've been changing! I think that a video diary sounds like an awesome idea! I hope you go through with it, and I've thought about it as well. I'm still just not at all comfortable being in video yet, but I would like to try at some point!