Advertise With Moorea Seal in March!

Are you interested in promoting your blog or shop in March?  Moorea-Seal.com is a great place to do so!  I have been getting a ton of great traffic in 2013 so far.  On average, I receive about 4,000 hits a day and this past month, I had a high of 14,000+ hits in one day!  This month, I have been featured on some really wonderful blogs, like Ali Edwards, for my 52 Lists project which has been a smash hit for ladies looking to bring a little peace, pride, and happiness into their lives.  And some pretty fabulous ladies have been rocking my bling across the web like Elizabeth, Kelli and Rachel.  This month I was even mentioned on The Huffington Post as someone you should follow on Pinterest!  Woah!

What's great about sponsoring someone's blog is that any press that they get, you get too.  Traffic that is directed my way means that traffic is also directed your way!  I love getting to collaborate with and contribute to my sponsors blogs & businesses so if you are interested in advertising on Moorea-Seal.com, check out my sponsor page.  And feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions or creative ideas for collaborating!  I am always open to trading ads with other bloggers who have similar stats as mine & I look forward to hearing from you!


Claire S said...

Wow, congrats on all your traffic, that is great news. You do have a great blog and it looks fab too. Yeah to 2013. Loving the list prompts too.

Stephy Penny said...

Your blog is amazing! & I am looking forward to much more this year!!! Please stop by my blog and say Hi! I am also hosting a Handmade DreamCatcher Giveaway! so make sure you and your readers stop by!! <3


Brillie Antie said...

Can you post about your daily and monthly visitor from your blog?
I'm interested advertise on your blog. Do you accept t-shirt blog just like me? www.clotee.com ?
please let me know about the price too, thanks :)