I've been feeling a bit under the weather all week.  I'm guessing it's the not-so-awesome Flu that is going around.  So today I'll just post a photo from Alt Summit that was taken by Justin Hackworth.  I love this photo.  My friend was taking a photo of me next to this awesome Elk taxidermy that was in the entry way to the Clue Party at Alt, and Justin snapped this candid shot.  Thank you Justin!


heather m said...

Ugh. I recently spent some quality time with the Flu. Aside from being able to hang out in bed all day and watch movies, it was pretty much the worst. I'd recommend gallons of water + Emergen-C. (I tried every flavor and Raspberry tastes the least medicine-y)

Great photo. Very Urban Outfitters-esque. ;)

Feel better, lady!

kelsey bang said...

awesome shot! love it!

Michelle Clement said...

This is awesome!! :)

Emily Elizabeth said...