52 Lists // Week 11

This week's list is very adaptable to wherever your life is at right now.  Whether your greatest focus right now needs to be on seeking health, happiness, strength, balance, patience, or whatever is most powerfully calling you right now, make this list all about the essentials that you need in this moment in life.  I can say that the things that felt essential to me on January 1st of this year feel very different right now.  2013 so far has brought a lot of heartache for me & my family amidst sweet and lovely things as well.  And as grateful as I am for all the good in my life right now, the hardships have definitely swung my life off kilter.  Right now, I feel like I really need to focus on the basics, the essentials of who I am, what makes me tick, and what helps me feel balanced during a hard time of life.  Balance, this is my personal key word this week.

I encourage you mull over the work "Essential" in your mind for awhile before you put pen to paper, starting this list.  What are some things in your life that feel essential right now?  Do you see some sort of theme between them?  If not, just start writing down all of the things that feel essential to you on your list.  And as your list grows, look for a theme or a link.  If a theme really jumps out at you, circle that theme as the mantra for your week ahead.  I am seeking to balance my life this week and I am choosing to fill my life with the essentials I need to bring me balance.  My main balance bringing essential for me at this moment in time is that I want and need to go be with my family for my grandfather's funeral.  And on top of that I really want to see and hug my mom now that she has had surgery for her breast cancer and is starting treatments soon.  I want to be with my entire family, for my own healing and for theirs.

What is something essential that you need to do or embrace this week?  What are the essentials in your life that not only help you live fully but make you thrive?  I'm really looking forward to reading your lists this week and I think they will be really inspiring for me to see all of the different "essentials" in our different lives.  I already know that I will be excited to look back on this list at the end of the year, reflecting upon which essential things really stayed with me through the year, empowering me, encouraging me, and balancing me when I felt off kilter along my journey.

As always, feel free to download the PDF list above or write down your list in a journal.  If you post about it on Twitter, Instagram, your blog, or Pinterest, then stop back here and link up your list so we can all visit each others lists and gain inspiration & insight from one another.

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Olive Green Anna said...


Stick in there! I am inspired by your wisdom and knowledge of your self and what you need.

You are an incredibly insightful woman. I admire and cherish you.


Ffion said...

What a wonderful list, and very inspiring to read your own thoughts on this too...

I'm having soooo much fun using these to practice my calligraphy, and it's also giving me a lot of oppotunity for much needed reflection in my life.
Thank you for creating such a beautiful challenge!

(The photos you take to illustrate each one are absolutely gorgeous too!)

Wishing you and your family all the best. I can only imagine what you must be going through :(

Maddie Dierkes said...

Moorea this is a beautiful list and entry. I am excited to write this list for myself and read others as well.
So many prayers to you and your family in this hard time, being with them will help begin the healing and a good hug with a Mom is never short of the best thing.
xo Maddie

CP and KW said...

gorgeous list, photo, everything. absolutely pretty!
kw ladies in navy

Tanz_20 said...

love this list, and reading through everyone's quotes and ideas. Really does show how amazing "we" all are.

a bird`s daily life said...

I`m finally catching up again with your 52 lists project and just posted my list of essentials!
Hope you have time to check it out here: http://abirdsdailylifetale.blogspot.ch/2013/04/52-listsmy-essentials.html

And thanks again for being such an inspiration