Colorful & Cozy Space by Anna from And Then We Saved

A little cozy and colorful inspiration by Anna from And Then We Saved.

For me, home is all about relaxation. We just moved into our 1907 condo a few months ago and while it's not quite presentable yet for dinner parties or many guests it has taken on the sleepy role of Relaxation Central just fine. With it's 9 1/2 inch original crown molding, 10ft ceilings, and large windows we've added pops of color, cozy vintage blankets, quirky decorations, family photos, and a few plants to help it carry-out it's simple mission.

Renovations, makeovers, re-do's, and projects will eventually take place to turn our foreclosure into the place we dream it can be but until then we'll enjoy it for what it is, and we'll appreciate the comforts it currently has just as it is. Bits of color and coziness make our little place home.

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Denysia Yu said...

Love the space! :)

xx Denysia Yu

Sasha said...

Beautiful collage! Love the atmosphere! :)

Lindsay Scheele said...

I love pops of color! Hope to see more pictures of your home!