Dreaming Big with Go Mighty

This week has been a pretty amazing one for me, I must say.  I really feel like when you open yourself up to the world, shout out your dream, pursue them with full force, and seek guidance and connection with others, amazing things will happen.  Right now I am doing a week long class on Skillshare for Writing Your Life List with Go Mighty.  First off I have to say that Skillshare is an AMAZING resource to learning just about anything you can think of, from how to pitch your fashion line to a client, to how to knit, to learning CSS, and so much more.  I highly recommend you check it out.  It's a dangerous place for someone like me who LOVES taking short term courses on anything and everything!

Now let's talk about Go Mighty briefly.  I first heard about Go Mighty through learning about the Go Mighty retreat/summit/conference called Camp Mighty.  I have a few friends like Susan from Freshly Picked and Melanie from Inward Facing Girl who have attended Camp Mighty before and they said it was incredibly inspiring and amazing for turning your dreams into actual pursuits, whether they are personal goals or business goals.  Go Mighty is all about writing out all of your ideas, dreams, and goals for your life and then the organization seeks to connect you with people and businesses that can help you to fulfill those dreams!  What makes it different than a bucket list is that it is not focused on just checking off things you finished, it's about writing out your goals and then seeing how they can morph, influence each other, change and grow into something even bigger and better.  Its about seeing where your life takes you when you pursue your inspirations.  Perhaps one goal ends up just falling to the wayside, that is ok.  And maybe another goal becomes something even bigger than you planned, roping in a few other dreams of yours too.  That is rad!

Now in my class with Go Mighty on skillshare, we were asked to focus in on one project.  My project is centered around my 52 Lists Project but reaches out into something bigger, something that encompasses a passion I have felt for my entire life.  And one that I know is something I am fully ready to pursue now.  I want my 52 Lists Project to be a catalyst for all the good I can do for other women.  I want to do something great and I want other people involved too!  I actually have been feeling this crazy intense fire inside of me for the past few weeks and I decided to go to counseling on Wednesday to talk to my therapist about it.  I haven't been to see here in 2 years.  I felt like I had so much anger in my heart, and I'm not one to get angry easily.  But when I rarely do, it is powerful.  My therapist just reminded me that my fiery passion for wanting justice for women who have been hurt, neglected, and abused is totally valid. It is an essential part of who I am, wanting to do great things for women and girls.  She encouraged me to just go do something about it, even beyond what I do on my blog.  She even asked if I had considered being a therapist :)  I know I am meant to channel all of my will and my fire into doing something amazing for women and after talking to my friend Margaret after my therapy session, we came to realize we have that same fire burning inside of us.  We can and WILL do something great.
Would you like to read about my project and my deepest passions?  Come check it out :)  I'm so excited to see where my future goes and all that I do with what I have for others.


Brandi said...

I LOVE Skillshare!!! I've taken a handful of classes and plan on taking many more in the future. In fact, I was considering taking The Go Mighty :)

Margeaux Knight said...

Go Mighty is amazing! My friend just turned me onto it last night!


janika r said...

I love both these Ideas and they are inspiring.
You have lovely blog here. I visited it first time and liked it a lot..

X0, Janika


Kelsey Bang said...

wow, I saw go mighty at alt and didnt know they were this cool! Ill have to check them out!

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

I just discovered you by way of the Skillshare and GoMighty course. I read your manifesto and your desire to empower women is truly inspiring. I do hope you find a way to deliver your beautiful message. I think it's much needed. Sending you lots of light on your journey.