Four Finger Fundraiser

As someone who makes her living from working with her hands, I have to admit I often daydream about how scary it would be if something bad happened to my hands.  I feel so lucky to get to create and work with my hands everyday and I know that Amber & Jonathan from Perrodin Supply Co. have that same gratefulness.  But something bad has happened to Jonathan's hands.  He recently had an accident in his wood shop where his right forefinger was completely severed off.  The Perrodin family is obviously suffering some financial burdens right now trying to pay for the medial bills and with the hit to their shop production, as he is the sole woodworker.  I found out about their fundraiser recently where they are opening a curated shop of beautiful, and all donated goods from friends within the blogging, etsy, and creative community and I decided I really wanted to help out.  I will be donating 2 styles of earrings and two styles of book necklaces to their shop in hopes that their sales will mean financial aid to their cause.  And some of my favorite friends in the handmade community are joining in too.  Vivi Dot is donating some pretty little things to the fundraiser along with Tumbleweed HC sunglasses.

So when you are hunting for new home goods and accessories this week, think about how your money could go to an important cause while also receiving your favorite goods.  Come check out their Four Fingers Fundraiser Shop while it is filling up with goods.  And start shopping on Monday, March 11th.  I know I have my eye on that hand printed mountain tote!


Molly said...

Ohh that mountain tote is gonna go fast! Lily was just saying she has her eye on that too. She also mentioned that she gets crazy compliments on the harness you made/I gave her.

Thanks for the shout out!

Emma Deer said...

Beautiful goods. Heading over there right now to check them all out. Excited to shop on Monday. Thanks for sharing!
♥ Emma Deer

heather m said...

Gosh, life can sure throw some unexpected curveballs. I'd love to contribute and will definitely shop on Monday!

Valerie Tyler said...

Oh no!!! I love their shop. (One of my favorites to put in Etsy treasuries!) What an unfortunate thing to happen!!! I'm off to go peek at that site.

Jessica B said...

Oh wow, I can't even imagine anything like that! I can't afford to buy anything but I'll definitely Pin items from the fundraiser shop.

Amy McCauley said...

I just tried the site and it wasn't working. I actually clicked through however to the blog because my husband, too, lost a finger on March 6. He caught his wedding ring on something.
I will keep checking back to the fundraiser!
Wishing you guys a speedy recovery.