Make A Statement, 3 Ways by Elsie from A Beautiful Mess

Hello there. It's Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. I am honored to stop in today! 

Recently, my husband and I purchased our first home together and we've been working hard to make it our own. The first thing we did when we moved in was paint all the walls a warm white color. We wanted a fresh, clean slate to start from. After living in our all white home for a couple months, we started adding some color and texture to our rooms in the form of statement walls. I'm here today to share my favorite three walls that we've created so far!

In our bedroom I created a wall with a simple, repeat phrase in my own cursive handwriting. I love the bold pattern that it brings to our space. Our small bedroom felt a little boring and unfinished before. The statement wall helped to tie everything together and created a much cozier atmosphere. 

In the studio we created our own wallpaper for a photo covered wall. This wall brings more energy and life to our studio space! I love the vibe that the room has now... it's alive and inspiring and puts me in the mood to create. 

In our entryway we have small wall beneath the stairs. We painted it with a horse stencil and I love the resulting wall! It's also my husband's favorite project we've done since moving in. The stencil mimics the look and feel of wallpaper at a fraction of the price. I love that it's customizable and it's been fun to see how some of our blog readers have used this technique to decorate their own walls. 

Thanks so much for taking a look at my statement walls. Our home is definitely a work in progress and I would love to hear about some of your DIY adventures too! 

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I fell in love with the photo wall and coffee cart. Love Love Love!

Marta said...

It's so great when I see one of my favourite bloggers visiting another blog I read! ha, ha
I love the horse wall, it looks fantastic! Best regards from the other side of the Atlantic!
Marta, from Barcelona

Natalie said...

I love these so, so much! The photo wall is particularly stunning.

afternibbin. said...

I love your bedroom wall, it looks great, very inspiring. Me and my boyfriend did a similar thing to your photo wall in a previous house but with photos, postcards, posters and drawings all mixed together as one big mood board. We're currently decorating our current house and have just gone for white too whilst we decide how to personalise them, am feeling a bit overwhelmed with choices! :)

Heather Belle said...

The horse wall is my favorite. Accent wall are awesome!
xo Heather

Amanda Jillian B said...

I love the bedroom wall it's so perfect <3

Ffion said...

Oh wow, these are absolutely fantastic! Totally would like to do something like this when my boyfriend and I get our first place together... don't know if that'll work though as we'll be renting to begin with...

Ah well, I can dream.

Looks really lovely! Very creative ways of decorating the walls...

Tyler and Natalie said...

You two are my favorite bloggers.
xo Natalie