Minimalist Nail Art

I used to paint my own nails all the time which lead me to start the series Paint Your Love.  The series is all about taking time once a week to invest in yourself, stopping for a moment to paint your nails and reflect on how to best love and invest in yourself.  After about a year of playing with lots of crazy nail art, I started to just want more neutral colored nails.  And in recent months, I have been getting shellac nail polish at a salon about every month and a half, it last THAT long for me!  My nails chip like crazy with regular nail polish or without it.  So I've become a shellac-a-holic since it lasts for weeks and never chips on my nails.  I usually get a pretty neutral color like pale pink, burgundy, grey, or black.  So this week I asked my nail lady if I could do something a little weirder.  I wanted a natural nail color base with one little black line on each nail, taking inspiration from this photo on Pinterest by Love Aesthetics.  I LOVE how it turned out.  I think it looks like creepy cat eyes and I dig how simple yet strange it is.  My sister and boyfriend are not huge fans of the look but I am obsessed.  Obsessed.

Do you paint your nails regularly?  How many of you get your nails Shellac-ed?  It's really the best!


heather m said...

I've never heard of Shellac but who knows! It might be the answer to all my nail troubles. I work in two cafés which means I am constantly washing my hands, operating espresso machines, and basically doing all sorts of things that aren't very nice on my hands. I love painted nails, but I've almost given up hope on painting my own because they chip so quickly!

I'd love to give this stuff a try. Thanks for the tip!

Courtneyvk said...

I used to keep my nails painted and perfect but once I got into crafting 24/7 and building with heavier textiles and tools it is just too hard to keep up. I paint them every once in a while now.

I love how everything you do has the same aesthetic and consistency. You are doing a mighty fine job.


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

this is pretty cool. I love the idea of having minimal nail art compared to the usual complex kind. I usually always have my nails painted. I realize this is likely not good for my nail health but...I just can't help it. I love a good polished set!

Alicia said...

So Awesome!! I'm a graphic designer so always a fan of minimalistic designs! I guess it does look a liiiiitle creepy but that's also what makes it kinda neat. I think if I got that look I'd just extend the line all the way down but I do love it. It makes me think more of snake eyes then cat eyes! Extra creepiness!
I'm also a huuuge fan of colours, especially in design work, however lately, when it comes to my own style I've been switching to a lot more neutrals, maybe with a tiny added colourful splash of a necklace.
But yes, neutral minimalism all the way!

sweet harvest moon said...

Love this!

Jordan Kearney said...

Definitely going to try this! so simple and pretty!

E M M A ▼ D E E R said...

I've heard wonders about Shellac, but I have never gotten it. My nails usually don't even last a week because I'm typing all day, so a month and a half would be phenomenal! I usually have paint on my nails and have a bajillion polishes but haven't gotten very crafty with it. Love this simplistic design though!
♥Emma Deer

Anonymous said...

That's pretty good looking! first time I've ever seen this style, cool :)

Nic said...

I paint my nails once or twice a work. I've never gotten shellac before but I want to.


Haley Rankins said...

i love it! i've heard of shellac but haven't tried it--i'm super indecisive & like to change my color a lot so I'm not sure if I'd love a month-long mani. I usually paint my nails myself (though I get them professionally done from time-to-time).I'm soo going to try a minimalist nail-look now!

<3 Haley

Warner Carter said...

I've got a simple Christmas manicure for you all today. I went for the standard red nails with a green accent nail with a simple zigzag design on the accent nails. For the red I used 2 coats of China Glaze Hey Sailor. nail foils

miss teacups said...

I paint my nails probably 3-4x a week. I am obsessed with it. I find it so calming & I just love changing up the colour. I too have been drawn to more neutral colours lately, especially since finding my perfect pale pinky nude colour, but it means I get excited to do colour that much more when I choose to.

I've tried Shellac before and really loved it. I found it got pricey as mine didn't last as long as yours does, you're lucky!!

I LOVE the cat eye look you did here. It's so freaking cute! Boyfriend & sister are crazy ;)

Jackie Forster said...

I love shellac! I work part time in a boutique where the jewellery needs cleaning all the time, so when I try normal nail polish it just chips as soon as I start cleaning in work, Love the nail design you choose I didn't know they could do Shellac in anything but basic plain designs.

a bird`s daily life said...

I do my nails every week,it`s like a ritual to me!I take myself one of my free days weekly to make a little routine beauty program!
I always do my own nails,well once I tried shellac,but I`m not a big fan of it,as I think it`s not healty for my nails!
But I have to admit,that my nails are quiet strong,and as I always use a base coat with diamond powder and a top coat my nails practically never chip.
But I like the creepy look of your nails,it really looks like cat eyes!


Miss Lynne said...

I used to paint my nails just like this about six years ago when I saw a picture of Steven Tyler of all people with the same mani on a Got Milk ad. My family thought it looked dumb also but I think it looks BA on you.