Pacific Northwest Blogger Meet Up!

Ok my Pacific Northwest blogging friends, it's time for a Meet-Up in Seattle!  The meet up will be on April 27th, in the evening.  My friend Chelsey from The Paper Mama is putting it on and has hosted a few fabulous events for us PNW bloggers over the past 2 years in Seattle and Portland and I just love getting to see familiar faces and meet new friends at these events.  There are always delicious food options, flowing drinks, and amazing prizes & goodie bags.  So if you live in the PNW, I encourage you to come hangout with us!

Tickets are just $25 plus a ticket fee and the go on sale at 8am on Monday, March 29th.  There is a highly likely chance that they will sell out as the tickets are limited to 50 so grab one while you can!  I'm so excited to meet you!  Unfortunately significant others and kids are not invited as that could fill up the space pretty darn fast.  But hey, that makes a better excuse for a ladies night out.  Woo!

Visit The Paper Mama to learn more!


Anonymous said...

I would love to go! I might already be there with my blogger boyfriend because Ted Talks PDX is happening that day! Hopefully we can go to both.

FYI - March 29's is a Friday, not a Monday! :)


E M M A ▼ D E E R said...

Oh, so jealous! I would pay much more than that to meet up with you guys! Have fun! Excited to see the posts following this meetup :]
♥Emma Deer

Kayti said...

I'll be there! woot woot!



cranny + me said...

I just happened to see 'Ted Talks PDX' and that rang a bell- I just put it together that my brother in law did all of their graphic design stuff for their recent event in Greenville, SC! Small world!

cranny + me said...

I attended the meet up in Portland in November and was so ecstatic to meet several glas who were absolute sweetness. I found myself in a few conversations about the 'Cat Lady' and botox and I'm pretty sure, as I stood there with (no doubt!) an odd expression on my face, others plainly read a sign on my forehead that said "stay-at-home mom!". It was interesting : ) Although, these types of things always seem to be! I hope you all have a marvelous time-- would love the chance to meet up again with so many of the sweet faces from Nov's meetup, but I'll be out of town!

andrea brionne said...

wish i were there at that time! i'll be missing it by a few days :(

andrea brionne

Molly Clark said...

I might be a little over zealous, but as soon as they went on sale at 8am I bought my ticket. I am so STOKED!

LIndsay Stewart said...

Me too Molly (is it a bit odd that I put an appointment in my calendar so that I wouldn't forget!)

This will be my first meet up and I am SUPER excited!

thedemuremuse.com said...

yaaaaaaay!! just bought my ticket and i'm so excited to meet all of you :) This is my first time ever going to a blog meetup AND I've been dying to go to Von Trapps since it opened.


Laura Railing said...

Hey new follower!! I Love finding fellow PNW Bloggers! I will be at the meetup too!! Stoked!