Working Your Biz/Hobby Into Your Home by Jill from Lune Vintage

Hi, I'm Jill from Lune, a vintage fashion dealer and designer who works from home part time with my 23 month old daughter Eve. There was a time when I thought working from home would mean living in a perpetual state of disarray. I've been a vintage dealer for about 9 years now, and for most of that time I had a display and work space for my hobby business. While that had it's benefits, I found that I was still using part of my living space as storage and as a work area. When it came down to it, I was always the most productive when working on my kitchen island, in my back yard, or on the floor in our cozy living room. 

Now that I work at home part time, I've come to find a good balance between work and living space.Co-existing is easy if you enjoy the aesthetic of your work. It has become part of my overall home decor. The dress form I use to style my vintage clothing and accessories sits quietly in one corner of my tiny dining room until it's ready for use. I like how her outfits change often. It's a bit of a rotating fashion instillation. 

When I'm ready to shoot listings for Lune Vintage, I roll the dress form up into the living room  The late afternoon is a great time for photos, as the sunlight is filtered nicely through our century old lead windows. I am asked often what I use for a backdrop for my images. It's just our living room wall in my favorite shade of black (Poppyseed by Martha Stewart). A wardrobe my dad made for us as a wedding gift holds the newest stock, while a giant steamer trunk from my late uncles house holds out of season garments. I believe in enjoying your jewelry even when it's not being worn. The deer antlers once sat in my parents game room, but now they have pride of place in a sunny corner of our living room, holding some of my most used styling pieces

I love having the chance to work wherever feels most comfortable and convenient, but sometimes a quiet, designated work spot is best. Our home didn't have room for me to have an office (that was taken by our second child) but it did have a nice space which could hold a desk in the foyer. I found the ideal thin, modern desk at Ikea  which has drawers to keep my laptop and tablet stowed away from little miscellaneous hands. Lately though, I only use my laptop for blogging and photo editing. Most of my vintage business is run from my ipad mini! In fact, I'm currently selling exclusively through my instagram shop @luneshop. I have found that tailoring my business style to how my life is right now (changeable, busy, and full of unexpected moments) has enabled me to remain productive and profitable. Working from home can be harmonious, even if you don't have the ideal amount of space or a perfectly set schedule. It just takes a bit of creative thinking and a willingness to live with evidence of your work around you.

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Ffion said...

Interesting post, this isn't something I've ever thought about before :)

I'm setting up as a freelance graphics and webdesigner, wonder if I can apply this to my situation as well... hm...

Interesting ideas :D

Heather Belle said...

What a fantastic post! Working from home sounds so perfect and relaxing, but definitely not for the career I'm going after. Siiiigh... If only, right? Haha :)