5 Steps to Filling A New Space by Savannah from Maiedae

Meet the sweet miss Savannah from Maiedae & tour her gorgeous dining room!

My husband and I moved into our condo last July. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and start the decorating process to really make the new space our home. For the two years prior and since the beginning of our marriage, we lived in a small apartment in Atlanta. Although we have fond memories of our first place together, it was thrilling to be able to box up our little home and move into a new, bigger space with loads of potential. 

Around the time we moved in was also the time I started blogging about my decorating adventures called, Project Condo. Something to note about me is that I am a slow processor, especially when it comes to decorating! It absolutely doesn't come naturally to me and it took me nearly five months to complete our dining room space. Which brings me to the dining room! When we first moved in we decided to take a one-room-at-a-time decorating approach. Otherwise we all knew what would happen…I would piddle a little here and a little there and eventually have never actually complete a room. Taking my decorating to a one room at a time focus for me was so helpful because I could really hone-in on one space, build a vision around it and slowly execute it. We choose to do our dining room first because we had absolutely no dining room furniture and knew it would be a space we used when having guests over and hosting get-togethers. 

The room was finally finished in December and we celebrated with a huge holiday dinner party with friends. I felt so accomplished seeing everything come together and realizing I COULD actually finish a room and be proud of it! Right now, this space is still one of my favorites in our home. We use it for dinners, playing games with friends, for Maiedae meetings when my business partner comes to my place and more recently, it's been my office space since going full-time with our graphic design business. 

Since all of us, including myself, may not be natural home decorators, here are some of my tips and learnings for envisioning and completing a room:

1. Do take the one room at a time approach - This is especially helpful if you're challenged in the decorating department and need to be able to focus on one space. It's also highly rewarding and motivating to see a room completely done! I suggest starting with a room that will be used the most in your home. 

2. Create a vision for your space - Pinterest may be good for finding delicious recipes and collecting a giant board of wish list items but it's also amazing for putting together an inspiration board. I created a board for each space in my home that I'm wanting to decorate in the near future. As I'm browsing Pinterest and see something that really stands out, I'll pin that image to a categorized space. Once I've decided on what space I really want to decorate, I'll put a lot of focus on pinning all of my ideas for that room; like the colors, furniture ideas, artwork, little details and lighting. This is great because it helps you stay focused on your desire for your space and keeps you on track when you're out purchasing items. I also helps you ask important questions like, "will this zebra print lamp really go with my country, shabby chic kitchen?"…probably no. 

3. Budget - Another reason it took me a little longer to complete the space is because Jon and I wanted to carefully budget and pay for the entire room out of pocket. We're big fans of staying out of debt for eternity and wanted to make sure we weren't purchasing items too quickly our outside of our means. This meant saving, carefully selecting items and really taking our time. 

4. Think about everyone - It's easy to decorate for just yourself, however, more than likely you might be living with another person, have pets and children, or children in the someday future! When decorating a space consider everyone who will be living there and what would be the most practical and long lasting. For instance, my husband is way more minimalistic than I am, he likes things that are easy to dust and comfortable, he's also a big fan of practicality! We also have two cats who love chewing on cords and plants, guests who like to come over and at some point in the future we hope to have a couple of little Wallace's at the table. So when thinking about the vision for the space I also needed to consider my husband, our guests, our cats and future kidlets. 

5. Enjoy - Take your time and enjoy the process! Work at a pace that's easiest for you and have fun! Maybe document your progress along the way or challenge yourself to complete an entire room with a small budget. Think about items you already have and how they can be re-styled to fit your space. If you have a decor savvy friend who understands your taste, ask their opinion and to help you. Maybe make a decorating day out of it complete with homemade cookies and milk! 

To get a full break down of my space and information about where I purchased each item, check out this post. I hope this was helpful and I wish you the very best in your decorating journey! If you have any helpful decorating tips or want to share a finished room you've done, feel free to come visit me over on my blog and send me a link! Thank you so much Moorea for having me over to visit your space and talk about one of my favorite things! Cheers! 

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Brooke @ You're in Brookelynn said...

This is a great post, it will be really helpful for when I move into a new apartment (hopefully soon! haha!)

You're In Brookelynn

BuenoBueno said...

wow this home is gorgeous!!!love the cart with records and everything in that space!

Haley Rankins said...

I Love her aesthetic; her art wall is amazing and I love all of the furniture choices. Beautiful!