52 Lists // Week 14

It's funny, it seems that the itch of Spring has hit a lot of people lately which has left me and my friends dreaming up new frontiers to explore.  My two best friends here in Seattle both recently quit their jobs to find a new avenue for their dreams.  One was suffocating in a creatively stifling job and the other was basically enduring hell with a crazy insane boss.  Though I know there are still plenty of people out there who are having a hard time finding jobs in this not so perfect economy, I still fully believe in the power of going for what you truly want and not holding back or allowing yourself to melt away in a job you hate.  Both of these ladies stuck out their jobs for as long as they could and I am so proud of them for their efforts.  But now they are at a point where they can afford to find a new path for themselves, and I hope this time they are both taking awakens their souls to new inspiring & life enriching challenges that are worth fighting for.

I can tell you, deciding to pursue "being my own boss" as a path fresh out of college in 2009 was pretty wild but so worth all of the struggles and heart ache.  I had college loans, I had zero dollars saved, and I had a few creative skills under my belt along with a couple of jewelry making tools & an old macbook. So I set out to pursue my dreams while juggling my responsibilities, figuring out how to save money for my business dreams, how to market & promote my work, and more while trusting the struggle & sacrifices ahead would be worth it all eventually.  Guys, for two years, I seriously would cry over the fact that I just couldn't afford a cup of coffee or a donut down at a local coffeeshop.  I would cry over the fact that I knew I had to sacrifice a lot of time I used to spend hanging out with friends to instead invest in aspects of my hopeful business.  I had fears that I was being a total idiot and I tried my very best not to believe all of the ideas that others put on me telling me that "they just didn't see what I was doing" , "it can't last", "You really think you can keep doing this all yourself?" or "It won't be sustainable."  But with really really hard work, a lot of sacrifice, kindness, wonderful people I have met along the way, and a sprinkling of good luck and sense, I've been my own boss for the last 2 years.  And since November, I have been solely pursuing my jewelry brand expansion, my blog as a business, and my opportunities to curate online.

Getting to a job or a career that you really truly love doesn't mean it just falls into your lap.  It also doesn't mean that you won't stumble, won't have to sacrifice a LOT, or won't fail along the way.  Believe me, those things just become normal and less hard to take as you fight for a job you will love.  Getting a job you love also does not mean that there is a direct path to that career always.  Sure, when you want to become a doctor there is a pretty direct path to that with schooling (And Lord knows I wouldn't be able to make it on that path!)  But with many other things like basically everything I have done, schooling only plays into a tiny tiny part of it all.  After college I pursued whatever skills I had at hand.  I could write, I could illustrate, and I could do a tiny bit of graphic design.  I had a good eye for design thanks to schooling so I just threw myself into blogging, graphic designing, blog designing, illustrating, jewelry making, and Etsy, whatever I could shake a leg at, I did.  I also nannied for the first 2 years after college to keep a little bit of a steady income.  Over 3 years of pursuing allll of these things, I finally took time to analyze what I really felt most passionate about, BEYOND what everyone else told me I was best at.  People told me I was really good at blog designing, but guys, I got SO sick of it, sick of working with clients, sick of the constant emailing and re-re-redesigning.

Seriously, repeat that to yourself a million times and don't let anyone else pressure you into doing something you know makes you miserable no matter how good you are at it.

Last fall, I had to learn & trust that my identity as a creative young woman would not diminish because I quit blog designing, graphic design, and illustration.  I had to trust that I had NOT failed because I was sick of the career that I got my degree in.  After a few years of pursuing all of these things and talking about them on my blog, I felt like I had become known as "Moorea who does everything."  And I did feel proud of that.  But I also felt suffocated by all of the various things that I was doing.  And ever since I quit blog designing & all that jazz, I have felt so incredibly excited about my jewelry, my blog, and curating.  Have you noticed a new life that came into my blog in 2013?  I have felt it and I hope you have too.

Sometimes you have to give up your comfort to take the risk of living a more fulfilling life.  Sure, you'll be scared a lot of the time in the beginning of your new journey.  You will cry, I can guarantee that.  You will have nervous moments & you will have to sacrifice a lot in the beginning.  But darlings, as you take time to really explore the careers & skills that inspire you, as you test some things, let some go, trust your intuition and choose to pursue what YOU want to do, not what others expect of you, you will feel that power and light in you shining and I bet those around you will finally start to see it and trust it to.

So, this week, let's reflect on the dream jobs/careers of our childhood and how those dreams have either morphed into something new as adults or gained even more traction as grown ups.  Maybe your career dreams are polar opposites of your childhood dreams!  That's cool too!  I've tried out a few of my childhood career dreams.  I tried to major in Art History in college, pursuing a career in museum curation, but I recognized that I just don't have the memorization skills to fulfill that job.  And guess what, I DONT need to beat myself up about what I lack.  And neither do you!  I tried being a fine artist, but that world was way too serious for me.  I tried out being a hairstylist, cutting my friends and family, and friends of friends hair in high school and college and got really sick of it (I'm not good at small talk.)  I trained as a classical singer for years but realized I don't want to rely on my voice for a career.  I wrote folk music for years, recorded an album at 19, performed a lot in college.  But once again realized I don't want the life of a professional musician.  I was an illustrator for a few years and realized I really don't like working one on one with clients.  I could go on and on, but my point is, HEY look at all of these things I have "failed" at!  And look, I don't care!  The things you call failures are actually just really good tests in your life path.   You tested them, and cool, now you know they are not for you.  Go out and keep huntin'!  I have a few successes and plenty of dead ends and failures.  And I got to those successes because I allowed myself to struggle, fail, and move on many times over.  I won't stop in my pursuit of new endeavors because learning is fun!  Who cares about not being good at everything when you finally stumble across something that fulfills you and that pushes you to find new ways to expand it!  Don't be afraid of the struggle.  Just keep marking things off as, "cool, did that" as you move closer and closer to the careers that suit you best.  You're getting warmer :)

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Angie Bailey said...

I'm not readin' any of this until I finish my list (so I don't get caught up in your dream jobs, haha!) However, I was eagerly awaiting this, so thank you for posting, Moorea!!! <3

Ffion said...

I love you so much for this post... I'm currently starting up as a freelance graphics and webdesigner, I'm stressed over money issues, I'm in debt from college and insecure about the future. But getting "a proper job" has always sounded like a death sentence to me and I'm certain I want to do it this way, at the risk of total failure. But then at least I'll have tried. But if it works out I'll be on top of the world :)

Thank you thank you thank you so much for these words, I don't know if you can imagine how much this means to me. It's always encouraging to see others who have walked unconventional paths and made it work. It gives me so much strength and hope to draw on.

Thank you!

(And I'm totally calligraphy-ing that list later :D Having so much fun with that.)

Angie Bailey said...

Now that my list is finished and I've read yours, I realize (yet again) how much we have in common. So often! I wrote "artist" as one of mine, because there are a few types of artist fields I would enjoy. Cartoonist, illustrator, etc. and I felt artist fit instead of writing each down. They individual labels are in here. *points to heart*

I love how awesomely honest and supportive you are. You really rock. <3

melissa rohr said...

i am officially joining in! this is such a perfect week too as this is something heavy on my mind =)

Allie said...

Love you. That's all I gots to say.

Lottie Juliet said...

Thank you for such an amazingly inspiring post. Your message that 'just because you are good at something doesn't mean you have to do it' really felt like it hit me right in the chest, I NEEDED to be told that right now. I studied Acupuncture in Uni but when I started working at a clinic after I graduated I slowly lost all love of it, yet for a time I felt I couldn't stop because it was 'what I trained for'. I felt like I would be letting people down if I didn't do it as a job.
Then I started training as a Reflexologist and realised I could combine the knowledge I gained during my training as an Acupuncturist with what I do as a Reflexologist. It finally made sense to me and I allowed myself to say to myself 'Acupuncture was part of your path, not your whole path, and that is okay'

Molly Clark said...

I love this list, it's so fun and introspective! Also, I loved reading what you had to say about following your dreams even if everyone thinks your crazy, and even if it's hard. It's all very relevant for me right now, so thank you, for sharing and for being awesome, all the time. :)

Ffion said...

That's a lovely story! :) Thank you for sharing. I think you're right in realising that sometimes things are part of our path, but not a set part of our future, even if some of the knowledge pops up again later on. People change, we move on, interests come and go. I think a lot more people need to realise this and we'd be a lot happier for it.

Also lots of people I know argue with "But I poured so much money into it..." and that may be a pity, but if you're not happy with the choice maybe it would be good to stop pouring more of yourself into it? It's probably not going to get any better...

Anna Vasquez said...

Hi Moorea,

Thank you so much for putting into words the ebbs and flows of finding your identity and happiness for a balanced life. I love that we are finding this beautiful confidence and entrepanurial spririt by following our heart and dreams. It takes a lot of gut, passion and perseverience to swim through the currents, but when you reach the shore and look back you will see a beautiful sun rise over the glistening waters. I can't wait to see your growth for 2013. Love your blog and designs!

xo, Anna from Seattle

Diana said...

This post is so inspiring! I'll be filling out this list tonight and really reflecting. I am at a point in my life where I feel a little bit lost - I'm a mom, a student, and I have so many dreams and ideas that I haven't exactly sorted out yet. Thanks for getting me started and challenging me to truly integrate my dreams into my daily life. And kudos to you for achieving your goals! I've been a follower for a while and have definitely noticed your growth! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the added challenges in the last few weeks. It's nice to really sit and think of something attainable for the week!
Thank you so much for sharing your lists!

Courtney Clark said...

This is such a neat idea! Thank you for having this challenge, it's definitely a different way to get to know people. ^_^

Lottie Juliet said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Ffion! I agree, I feel as though sometimes we feel as though we're not allowed to change our interests, opinions, 'who we are', so we hold on to what we think we ought to be and cause ourselves far more unhappiness than needs be.

Honestly I think the money aspect was part of what kept me doing it, as well as expectations of others. I didn't realise that ironically because I was holding onto something due to money I had spent in the past, I really think I was actually creating a big money block for myself at that moment. I think in the 9 months I've been out of doing Acupuncture I've actually made just as much money, if not more, just by doing things I'm incredibly passionate about. Not only that but I realised that money meant so little when I was also miserable and dreading each day at the same time.
I'm glad I did Acupuncture, I have no regrets about it and would never change it, but yes. It was a part of my path, an important part, but not my whole path.

Emily L. said...

Hi Moorea -
Started following you on Pinterest months ago... finally stopped by your blog and I love the 52 Lists project! Definitely joining in.

I love this:


As someone who is a few years (ok...10 years older;) I would add - DO WHAT BRINGS LIFE TO YOUR HEART AND A SMILE TO YOUR FACE.

And you're right... it changes over time. We grow. We learn. WE change. Leaving a 15 year career in the fashion industry wasn't easy but I was soooo bored.

I think it's amazing that you've forged your own path and followed your passions!
And I wanted to let you know.