52 Lists // Week 15

It sounds funny, but in high school I was a quote elitist.  I poo-pooed my nose at quotes like, "Live, Laugh, Love."  The quotes I splattered all over my binders were from philosophers or the Dalai Lama or indie musicians.  I needed a lot of complexity and heaviness to connect to a quote and I'll admit my angsty high school depression kept me in a place where I couldn't understand the power in something gentle, sweet, and simple.  Nowadays, I love collecting quotes that I find inspiring, sweet, funny, powerful, you name it on Pinterest.  I think once you've really experienced the fullness of life, the highs and lows, you start to appreciate even the cheesy stuff just as much as the serious stuff.  As a child and a teenager, I was honestly very depressed so everything valuable to me felt like it needed to be serious.  And I know that other people thought I was cold, distant, aloof, and stubborn.  I had plenty of hard things happen when I was little that pushed me into being that closed off and hard edged little person.  But ladies & gents, plenty of equally hard things have happened in my life after the age of 18 too!  And you know what those hardships have taught me?  Well, one, anti depressants and therapy really can do wonders when your chemistry is off and you have things you really need to process. ;)  And, two, hard things can really help you see the true beauty in simple sweet, and even cheesy sounding statements!

I'm ready to take some good things from my quote loving teenage self and apply them to the present by splattering uplifting and empowering quotes all over the place as reminders to myself.  The hardships in my family lately have definitely left me feeling vulnerable and weak, occasionally knocking me upside the head with self doubt and anxiety.  But when I read a quote I love or hear someone I admire say something that really strikes a chord with me, it feels like a firework in a dark space.  I'm ready to light up my mind with a million blasts of vibrant light, how about you?

This week, list all of your favorite quotes!  I know that some of you may be able to fill up multiple pages with quotes while others might just have a few that they treasure.  To get your inspiration going, think of your favorite books or poems, perhaps there is a quote in there that really struck a chord with you.  Maybe you are music addict, I bet there are plenty of quotes from songs that really speak to you that you can document in your list!  Does your family or your group of friends have something they say all the time that is sweet or memorable?  And for those of you who find quotes you love via the web, here is a collection of some of my favorite quotes found via Pinterest.  I thought it was interesting to write down all of my favorite quotes from Pinterest to then reflect on what they have in common.  For me, quotes about self empowerment in goals, expansion of compassion, not letting fear be my guide, and trusting there is power in gentleness and kindess are my favorite sorts of quotes.  What quotes really inspire and encourage you?

As always, feel free to download the PDF list above or write down your list in a journal.  If you post about it on Twitter, Instagram, your blog, or Pinterest, then stop back here and link up your list so we can all visit each others lists and gain inspiration & insight from one another.

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Ffion said...

Woohoo! I love quotes, this was a fun one :D

Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

Love this one! I surround myself with quotes (literally - though positive single words and quotes on pieces of paper) as a reminder to focus on the positive. I haven't done this project yet, but after yesterday's events I'm thinking it's the perfect time to start. xo

Molly Clark said...

This is so awesome. I was a quote elitist in high school too. I carried around a composition notebook that I would write lyrics and poetry in on the fronts of pages, and quotes and lyrics I loved on the backs. I'm going to pull those out for this. ;P

Angie Bailey said...

I am so glad you posted this, Moorea. I was eagerly awaiting a quote list. <3 Thank you so much. I loved your quotes, and I do hope you sneak a peek at mine. I live by and love them so much. They really speak to me. Words are so powerful, so amazing.

Anzouya said...

Oh, that brings back so many memories!
I used to "collect" quotes (still do occasionally)! Famous quotes, anonymous quotes, funny quotes, serious quotes, cheesy quotes, beautiful lyrics, you name it! I've filled several notebooks. You can see photos of them here:
I used to be a loner and quite a depressed kid in high school, so these quotes were my way of trying to focusing on positive things (or really pessimistic ones).
Now I'm on the bright side and I collect many inspiring quotes on a pinterest board too.
Love your list!!!

Els said...

Curious...I have created a book in which I have diligently been adding each week's topic, but Week 15 hit on a favourite place within, so I immediately wrote down a quote I have cherished and liberally used for over fifty years. As I jumped over to Google to be sure I was spelling the author's name correctly, I discovered that the work from which the quote is taken turns 70 this month! Nice serendipity, that. Here's the quote, author, and work: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Price

Els said...

Nice to hear my elitist twin existed somewhere! Cheers!