52 Lists // Week 17

This week, I really wanted to reflect on all the people who I have admired and have seen as guides in different ways in my life, and I encourage you to do the same!  When we are in difficult spaces or are feeling sorry for ourselves, it can be really hard to remember the ways in which others have supported us and inspired us in the past.  When I was in college, I felt like I had had no one to guide me in my childhood expect for my dad.  I had experienced a lot of trauma which sort of shadowed over the good things I had experienced during the same years.  But as I take the time to look back now, I remember all of the wonderful people along the way who helped shape me to become the woman I am today.  Here are all the wonderful people I have admired in my 26 years of life:

My mom - in her joyful spirit amidst fighting breast cancer, and for all the ways she has grown over the last 26 years.
My dad - in his compassion, sensitivity, wisdom, loyalty, and spiritual openness.
My boyfriend - in his thoughtfulness, understanding, trust, willingness and loyal spirit.
My middle sister - in her balance of toughness and softness and all she can accomplish with both.  She is a born leader.
My youngest sister - in her pursuit of what she wants and fierce passion.  She was made to be powerful.
My great uncle Toby - for being an openly gay man through such incredible changes in society since his birth in the late 1920s.
My grandma - in her incredible faith in her own strength and all she accomplished because of it.  She was a girl ahead of her time.
Susie - my RLC (head leader of the RA staff I was on for a year in college.)  for being a warm and calming spirit, and guide when I felt lost.
Ms Conte - my 4th grade teacher.  for encouraging me to be true to myself and to celebrate it in an environment where it was hard to do so.
Laura Lasworth - my favorite art professor.  in her incredible wisdom, patience, understanding, and creative channeling of the depths of her spirit.  she felt like family through out my college experience.
Gala Bent - one of my art professor in college.  in challenging me when I needed to do better and her ability to see me clearly when I was struggling.
Sierra - one of my high school best friends.  I thought I was so mature in high school and didn't understand her choices at the time.  And now as an adult I fully see her forethought in all she has accomplished and admire her wholeheartedly.  I want to build a home and a family like hers someday.
Julianna & Jenae - my closest friends at the beginning of college.  For encouraging the free & magical aspect of myself and for always making me feel accepted.
Katie & Anne - my best friends in college.  They taught me how to truly allow myself to have fun and relax after denying myself of a lot of joy in my childhood and teenage years.
Allie & Jenette - my best friends after college.  they've always only been supportive and encouraging of me and their love and belief in me has felt more powerful and encouraging on a day to day basis than ever before.  I constantly want to repay them for their love towards me.
My cousin Reed - for his incredible toughness and softness.  He is my brother.  He is a guide, friend, and teacher for me in business and in spirituality.
My cousins Drew& Alyson - for cultivating an incredibly beautiful family full of awesome little individuals.
My friends Jessy & Brenna's moms - they felt like adoptive moms for me growing up and their tenderness towards me was so special.  they taught me a lot about patience and grace.
Artise - my adoptive grandmother in my hometown in California until she passes away in 1996.  She was a source of comfort when I was still in shock after moving back to the US from England.
My therapist after college - for being insightful and frank while also compassionate.
My next door neighbor in England - for fostering and adopting so many kids & for specifically loving and adopting my childhood best friend.  For her tough & loving attitude.
My aunts Nancy & Judy - for their deep devotions to what they love, faith and family and doing so in their own unique ways.
Rosie - for being my sister's & my adoptive auntie while living in England, giving us sweets & tea and always loving us with warmth.
Kristie - for believing and trusting in me as such a young girl of 12, nannying her daughter.
Lori Leaman - for her incredible grace, joy, and light as she succumbed to cancer.
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Oprah & Martha Stewart - for how they have built empires off of their personal brands.
Mr Baxter, Mr Bagget, Mr Cartan - high school teachers.  For seeing promise in me as an artist, as a musician, and as a story teller.  For pushing me to be my best and inspiring me.  They are they reasons I made it through high school.
Sarah & Eric SD - for being my guides during the hardest summer of my life and for teaching me how to be my most radiant and loving self in times of trial.
Jess (Trumpkin) - in her wisdom, patience, solidity, forethought, insight, and constant kindness and joy.
Old people - because they are way more honest and open than a lot of polite but guarded peers!

This week let's take the time to really contemplate those people who have been there for us in our lives, who we have looked up to, whose lives we want to reflect in our own journeys.  Really let yourself reflect on this for awhile.  I took about an hour to just think about all the different people in my life who have effected me in powerful ways.  I needed a long time to truly delve deep in my memories, and in doing so, I recalled so many people I hadn't thought of in awhile.  It's amazing to realize that though you may not think of specific people from the past in your day to day life, their influence on you still resounds in you in the present.  Let's celebrate their effects on our lives this week.  They deserve some love and honor!

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There appears to be no link to the download file?

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I love your 52 lists!! i think that i'll do, but with a photos!


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Allie said...

Aww thank you Moorea. I feel honored.

Moorea Seal said...

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Anne Barkett said...

i love you soo much and am so proud of you!!!! You will ever be my best friend! I cant wait for the day when we have mor etime together to encourage each-other and challenge each-other!

Annie and Lanie Studio said...

I'm a little late to the party, but I am so glad I found you. I really enjoyed making my first list. Ready for the next one and to try to catch up!!