A Secret Project! Your Thoughts Needed!

I'm back everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed getting to peek inside some of my talented friends' homes these past two weeks.  Let's all give a big round of applause & thank you to my friends for helping out while I was away.  Thank you!

During my time away, I was so thankful to just have time to step away from my computer and social media to really think about my life and my goals.  I feel so refreshed after having time to really contemplate the next steps I want to take in my personal life and my business goals.  So after all the contemplating I have done, I now want to hear your thoughts on a few things.  I've got some big dreams & lots of planning to do for a secret project I am working on.  So, If you could take a moment to leave a comment with your thoughts, I would so love hearing from you!  If you are reading this in a reader, click through to comment.  Your thoughts & opinions are highly valuable & I'll be reading through every comment with eagerness!

In the comments below, please leave your answer/s to the following questions:
1.  What online shops do you like best & why?
2.  What online shops do you like the design & layout of best & why?
3.  What sort of products do you buy online most often & why?

Here are a few of my personal favorite online shops:
Emerson Fry NYC  //  Imogene + Wille  //  Madwell  //  Palomarie  //  Pour Porter  //  Native State  //  Tanner Goods  //  Steven Alan  //  Bona Drag  //  Acrimony  //  Plumo  //  Dear Fieldbinder  //  YMC  //  Dream Collective  //  Humanoid  //  Totokaelo - fashion  //  Totokaelo - art & objects  //  Terrain  //  Object  //  Williams - Sonoma  //  LEIF  //  Maryam Nassir Zadeh  //  Creatures of Comfort  //  Need Supply Co  //  Myth & Symbol  //  SSENSE  //  Joinery  //  Nordstrom  //  ASOS //  Cisthine


Angie Bailey said...

Welcome back, lovely! I'll be honest... Most of my favorite online stores are on Etsy! If you'd like me to include them, I will in another comment, however for now I'll go with stores more like those you've listed.

1. What online shops do you like best & why?

http://www.pyramidcollection.com/ • http://www.soul-flower.com • http://piperlime.gap.com/ • http://www.llewellyn.com/index.php • http://www.ae.com/web/index.jsp • http://us.dorothyperkins.com • http://www.bodycentral.com/ • http://www.hm.com/us/ • http://www.lulus.com/ • http://spottedmoth.com/ • http://www.threadsence.com/index.php • http://www.hottopic.com • http://webstore-nl.scotch-soda.com/ • http://www.pacsun.com •
http://www.jinx.com/ • http://www.thinkgeek.com/ • http://www.modcloth.com/ • http://www.anthropologie.com/ • http://www.threadless.com/

These are just a few and do not include Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy, etc. though I love those as well. Why do I like them? They are unique... Sure, every store is, however I visit each of these for uniqueness. Jinx and ThinkGeek for example, I know, will always have geeky/gamer-y products. PacSun has great boho wear. ModCloth has t-shirts and cute accessories that I cannot find anywhere else. Soul-Flower is great for the hippie girl inside of me, etc.

2. What online shops do you like the design & layout of best & why?

Out of the list above... Soul-Flower, Llewellyn, Pyramid Collection, HM, ThinkGeek, Jinx, PacSun, Threadsense, Spotted Moth and Threadless get my vote.

They are clean, with bold colors that aren't blinding, they are rich in their culture (geek, eco-friendly, etc.) and most have a little something extra like free featured Tarot readings on Llewellyn, the geek haiku on ThinkGeek and I love their brand. For instance, you know what Tim the Monkey stands for (on ThinkGeek) and the red H&M on HM, etc.

3. What sort of products do you buy online most often & why?

Reading material, because I'm a huge bookworm and it's easier than going into a Barnes & Noble, plus the prices are often better. Magickal tools because in Utah, it's rather hard to find them. Jewelry, because it's so very unique online and I can browse for hours (especially in indie stores), video games and accessories because I would prefer ordering online and either receiving my games digitally and finally, some clothing and shoes. I honestly find some of the best clothing EVER online, and I can find anything I want without leaving the house. However, every store is different so a size-whatever from H&M may be totally different than the size on American Eagle. So I buy once, and figure out if the size is appropriate. For instance I bought jeans from American Eagle that fit perfectly, and shoes as well, so I shop there quite often.

I hope this helped, even a little... I am sure you'll get much more helpful responses than this one, haha.

konner said...

1. This is one of my favorite online stores I've come across through my job: http://www.nylonjournal.com/
I love their clean, modern design.
The way they photographed these tights is amazing http://www.nylonjournal.com/socks-legwear/color-wheel-tights.html
I get the impression that they have some awesomely creative people working for them.

Ooooh I have to run to work now, but I hope you find that site inspiring!

Carissa said...
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Carissa said...

1. What online shops do you like best & why?
http://www.bonadrag.com/ -well curated
http://www.lazyoaf.co.uk/index.php -fun & colorful designs
http://www.nastygal.com/ -super stylish & of the moment
http://www.discountuniverse.com.au/shop -insane handmade pieces

2. What online shops do you like the design & layout of best & why?

All of these have a clean look to them that is easy to navigate. The websites are cohesive in design to the items carried in them.

3. What sort of products do you buy online most often & why?
Most purchases online for me are off etsy. I buy a lot of small items (jewelry, accessories, art, supplies) that are less than $30. I also buy books off amazon. As far as clothing I have a hard time taking the plunge without being able to try stuff on. I honestly use a lot of the stores I linked above for inspiration for my own wardrobe and things I want to make.

Oops didn't mean to delete my comment above. :)

Chloe Moon said...

I've been a fan of the shop called Mignon Kitchen Co! It's so cute and I love all her items! =)

Anonymous said...

1. What online shops do you like best & why?
http://wwww.modcloth.com - Reasonable prices with cute clothes that I can't find in stores here.
http://www.shopruche.com - flat rate shipping (love this 'cause shipping to Australia can be insanely expensive), great prices for the quality. Also adorable clothes which I can't find anywhere else.
http://www.bookdepository.co.uk - free shipping to Aus! Prices are amazing and it's easy to navigate
http://www.asos.com/au -
(and Etsy!!)

2. What online shops do you like the design & layout of best & why?
I love the ModCloth layout - it's easy to navigate and is beautifully displayed

3. What sort of products do you buy online most often & why?
Clothes - compared to stores, I find that more clothes that fit my style online, and they (generally) have slightly longer skirts / dresses than in Australian stores...
Books - it's honestly cheaper to purchase books online than in stores here.

Hope that helps :)

Ffion said...

Amazon and Ebay are often my first choice, because it's easy and quick.

What I buy most is books (often used ones), although in the future I think I'll be looking to buy way more decorations and inspiring prints to decorate my future home with my boyfriend.
I also like to buy fonts or useful design material and also educational material, whether books, tutorials or courses on something I want to learn.

If I earn a decent amount of money with my design business I'm also hoping to buy more clothes and maybe accessories that fit my style and taste :)

Designwise I love shops that are easy to navigate and not full of visual clutter. For example http://elisejoy.com/shop
I am all for simplicity.

Hope that helped.

I'm glad you had an inspiring time while you were away, it really can do a lot for clearing your head out... Looking forward to seeing what you're planning :D

Anonymous said...

1. What online shops do you like best & why? I prefer Etsy and Amazon simply because they are easy to shop. There is so much there to sift through though and sometimes that can actually make shopping more difficult. I also shop Zulily a lot for kids clothes and more.

For clothes I like Free People, Need Supply, Bona Drag and Modcloth. Jewelry is basically anywhere that sells Pamela Love at discount prices and Ovate.

2. What online shops do you like the design & layout of best & why?

I love the design of Need Supply Co - it's simple, clean and easy to use.

3. What sort of products do you buy online most often & why?

Mostly I buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, books and kids products. As a mom, it's definitely easier to have stuff shipped to my home!