Decorating A Small Space by Amy from Amy Moore Studio

Hello there! I'm Amy from Amy Moore Studio, a transplanted-Seattleite and homebody at heart, not unlike the wonderful Moorea herself. I consider her to be a kindred spirit, and can vouch that she is every bit as kind, lovely and genuine in real life as on her blog. My heart goes out to her and her family during this tough time, and when she asked if I might be able to help out with a guest post, I was all over it -- there's nothing more important than family! I have to admit though: I'm always a little timid sharing photos of my place. It's a perpetual work in progress; but then again, so is life! Being a city-dweller, big/open spaces are tough to come by for a reasonable price, and over time, I've learned what works in a small area...and what doesn't. Tiny quarters are an arch-nemesis for a born collector -- fortunately, as a graphic designer with a love of minimalism, I've got the gift of editing instilled in me. 

There's probably nothing I love more than creating little vignettes around the home with my trinkets. The fireplace mantle makes for a perfect display case, and I frequently rotate things around to my liking. I'm kind of loving how those craggly branches are an organic contrast to its otherwise sharp and structured mantle-mates right now. In the bedroom, there are a few rules I have about what's on top of my dresser: some kind of plant must always be a fixture (currently: freesia) -- it's the first thing I see when I wake up and helps to ease the blow of a 6am alarm. Candles are ever-present for their relaxing properties (confession: I hoard candles. But they kind of take care of themselves eventually, right?). I limit myself to only five or six current favorite pieces of jewelry out and about...the rest stay in the closet. I think that too much going on in a bedroom is distracting...and seeing a bunch of clutter before I go to sleep or when I wake up equals stress. No good!  My favorite perfume hangs out there too, cause I like to spritz a little on before I sleep.

Thank you so much for taking a look into my home -- I hope you enjoyed it!  And thank you again to Moorea for having me...let's all send her a GIANT virtual hug and lots of comforting vibes her way!

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Hazel Dow said...

You have a gorgeous house.Where do you get the always sunny in Philadelphia print? I love it.x

Jess said...

That "It's Always Sunny" print is amazing! Of course, now I'm going to be singing that alllllllll daaaaaaay lonnnnnnng. :)

Ladies in Navy said...

kw ladies in navy

ginger said...

haha love the nightman print. i'm always wondering how that show is received outside of the philly area

Amy said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comments (and thank you, Moorea, for having me!) I love "It's Always Sunny" and that's one of my fave episodes! :) You can buy the print here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LuciusArt

Anonymous said...

What I love are your rings! And I have that uo 'soap dish' too, but I use it as a candle holder :D