Neon Dallas

So I'm headed to Dallas, TX for the weekend for a conference and just dreaming about the sunshine in the South has kicked my brain into a space that it doesn't usually occupy.  You know I'm a pretty devoted lover of a neutral color palette.  And sure, I flirted with neons in the past but came to the conclusion that they just didn't work with my skin tone.  Well... I did a little shopping to prepare myself for brighter, warmer weather in Dallas and something came over me and told me to buy not just one neon piece of clothing, but two.  And on top of this, I bought a piece of clothing I normally would NEVER wear.  I mean, I like studs on stuff, but usually only on black items in subtle ways.  Guys, I ended up getting a freakin' neon mint faux leather VEST with studs all over it.  Who am I all of a sudden?  I don't know, but it's making me happy.
If you live in Dallas and happen to see a glowing neon person this weekend walking down the street with long brown hair and glasses, it's probably me.  Also, I have no plans for Sunday during the day so who wants to hang out?  See you soon Dallas!


Francis Santos said...

Have a lovely weekend!

Ladies in Navy said...

love those details!
kw Ladies in Navy

Kristin E Bazan said...

i'm from dallas! dunno if you'll get sunny, warm weather while you're here though. it's rainy and 48 degrees right now. our weather has been so up and down the past few weeks. hope you have a nice time while here though. let me know if you need shopping/food/coffee suggestions!

bliss-ologie said...

Haha! I always heard that if you live through a trend once, you should never go back. But current neon is just so much cooler than the neon tees and scrunchies of the past. And sometimes, you just need to glow like a traffic cone.

Telly said...

Oh, it's supposed to be sunny all weekend, with highs in the mid-70s. My girlfriend and I are having a spa staycation at the W this weekend and we're so excited about the weather. :)

CaninesCouture said...

hahaha Don't you just love it when we surprise yourself? I love when I learn something new that I adore, even if it's outside of my normal rotation of trends.


Jules of Canines & Couture

Kat Curling said...

Its been raining here in dallas most of the day hopefully its gone by the time you are here! Hope you have fun! If you get some free time check out the shop Dolly Python or Voodoo! Cafe Brazil has good eats. Three of my favorite places in Dallas.

Cai said...

I live close to Dallas!! There are tons of things to do here; if you need any suggestions, email me at clivecai13@hotmail.com. :)


a bird`s daily life said...

Both of the pieces seem to look amazing,I can tell by the lovely colours!
Great choice!