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For years and years and years, I have fantasized about having a shed on my future property where I can keep my main office.  Let's remember, I am 26.  I have been out of college for almost 4 years but this dream has been a pretty serious one of mine since I was in high school which was ten years ago.  I've always wanted to be my own boss and boy am I am introvert and a homebody.  When I first started working from home, starting up my jewelry business and pursuing graphic design & illustration as a profession, I enjoyed working from home because:

1. I didn't have to rent a workspace on top of my apartments rent cost  2. I could easily make myself food whenever I wanted.  3.  I didn't have to pay for internet on top of buying internet for my apartments.  4.  I didn't have to tote work supplies back and forth to 2 different locations every day (I am amazing at forgetting one essential thing as I travel between to locations.)  5.  I didn't have to use my car very often at all.  6.  I love being quiet all day and not having to talk to anyone which worked out well working from home for me at the beginning.

So working from home was extremely convenient & and a major money saver for me for the first 3 years of being my own boss.  Saving money was key for me and it worked!

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But after 3 years, it definitely started to ware on me.  I slowly over time started to feel like my work space was being invaded whenever roommates would come home, like my mind space was being invaded while I was in the zone.  It became harder and harder to see the separation between life inside and outside of work.  And it became too easy to just ease in and out of work throughout the entire day everyday.  So, when my boyfriend and I moved in together last Fall, I decided that it would be best for me and for Max if I found a workspace to workout of, hopefully near our home.  We both are introverts and need designated time everyday to have some re-energizing alone time and I knew that if we were both constantly in each other's spaces most of the day everyday we would both go insane.  And thankfully, becoming an artist in residence for a community center not too far from our apartment turned out to be the perfect thing.  My main concern was that I wanted a workspace that would have access to a kitchen so I could make myself lunch everyday and snacks throughout the day (because I'm a grazer.)  And the community center provides that.

The main things that I love about no longer working from home are:  1.  I keep all of my jewelry tools & supplies at my studio space which helps me feel focused on home & my relationship when I am at my apartment, and focused on work when I am at my studio.  2.  I get definite, un-interrupted alone & focused work time for however long I work at the studio each day.  3.  The action of preparing myself to get out of the house everyday really helps me feel like I've done something productive with my mornings.  4.  I like to sometimes do some computer work from home for part of the day and then tactile work at my studio for the rest of the day, having a separate space helps me compartmentalize different work that I juggle.  5.  I feel like I am completely able to control my own space which I haven't felt before... really ever.  And wow, does that make everything feel easier and happier for me.

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All of this being said, I know that having a work shed someday on my imaginary property, behind my imaginary house, is the ideal for me.  I want to have kids someday and I want to be close to them, but not constantly in a way where we are overwhelmed with invading each others spaces.  I want to be present but not in their faces all the time.  And I know I will need my alone time breaks at least, if not full workdays 5 days a week.  I will be a working mom.  As a little girl, what I craved most in adults was a dedication to their passions, I wanted to admire them and be inspired to pursue my own dreams & keep them alive for ALL of my life, even and especially when I myself am a mom.  I want my time with my future kids to be intentional and focused, like how I feel intentional and focused after I've worked at my studio all day and have come home to be with my boyfriend.  But with kids, I'd want to be able to check in with them during the day from home but not in a room where they could constantly be running in and out of.

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Enter:  THE WORK SHED.  I need one someday.  Like, really, NEED.  You know, the only times I have ever fantasized about owning an home were related to what I could build on my property, mostly just a work shed :)  Oh and also a guest treehouse.  I used to do house cleaning right at the end of high school and one time I cleaned this AMAZING house & guest tree house that were both made entirely out of scrap wood.  The guest treehouse had a downstairs with a tiny living room and a bathroom and then upstairs was a little bedroom, all built into and around a big tree.  Insane.  So here are my two reasons for wanting to own a house someday:  a work shed & a guest treehouse.  What more could a girl ask for.  After seeing that the ladies at Braid had written about their dream of maybe owning a work shed someday, I knew I had to write about my dreams of having a work shed.  So I guess I will need to add this to some sort of bucket list for my future!  Build the work shed of my dreams.

Do you work from home, have a workspace outside of home, or work in an office?  What is your ideal working space?  Would you ever considering getting a work shed for your property?

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