Travel Inspired Living by Brandi from Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno

Everyone welcome Brandi from Much Mucho Bueno Bueno to the blog!  

Our home is always a work in progress. We change it up a lot, I will come home from work and Jacob will have spent the day changing rooms, rearranging the furniture and making me fall in love with our home all over again.  Jacob made shelving for all our coffee table books and tokens from our travels.  Our space is filled with furniture that our Parents or Grandparents gave us or that we have found second hand. We are definitely working on adding more current pieces to mix it up.

I love that our home is filled with  natural light, color and warmth it's a place where our friends and family to feel right at home whether they are just popping in or staying in with us for a few days.

Our Dining room table was Jacobs Grandparents, it's in perfect condition because they always kept it covered. I scored 5 Herman Miller Chairs for $10 a pop that match it perfectly. I do want to spruce them up though, add some color to the legs and cover them in leather.

We have a few different areas (The front door, a wall in the kitchen, and the top of our bar) where we like to write lil love notes, grocery lists, to do lists, reminders, drink of the week, and even a place for our friends to have fun with.

All the Art or Photography in our home is by close friends, I like to show off their work and only have a home full of things people made for us out of love.  And the biggest source of inspiration for us would be our travels. One day we will live on the beach and all throughout our space are little reminders of just that to get us there. 

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sara grace said...

I love seeing bits + pieces of Brandi's house. She has such a great style. Thanks for sharing! :)

Haley Rankins said...

Amazing space! I love how personal it is. :)

BuenoBueno said...

Thanks For having me Moorea!!!! and Thank You Sara and Haley!!! xo

Tegan said...

love this girl and her home! so beautiful!