Vivid Dreams

I've been having insanely vivid dreams for my entire life.  More often than not, I wake up incredibly exhausted every morning from just experiencing my dreams so fully.  Being that this morning was one of those exhausting mornings, I though I would share with you my dreams from the last two nights.  perhaps if you are really into interpreting dreams you can tell me what my dreams mean!

Last Night:
I was hanging out with my best friend Jenette in this huge mansion condo thing she lived in inside of this city where all the buildings are really really tall and you couldn't see the ground below. We were chatting about business when I noticed there were a bunch of wild animals on her huge outdoor terrace that had a bunch of big trees on it.  Her cats and dogs were outside so we needed to get them inside ASAP so the wild zoo animals wouldn't eat them.  I called 911 to tell them a lion, a tiger, a shark, an elephant, a mini hippo and a python had escaped the zoo and were hiding 200 stories up from the ground at jenettes terrace porch thing.  Finally when the animal control/zoo people came, my boyfriend came to help herd out the animals too.  But the animal control/zoo people decided to just leave the shark in the above ground lake that was behind jenettes mansion.  Jenette's husband was holding their new 2 year old little girl as we all watched this shark do tricks in the lake.  (They don't have a kid in real life.)

After all that was wrapped up, I had to go to work with one of my best high school friends Sierra.  We were coaches for high school swim teams and had a major tournament we were going to at an enormous hotel (also a very tall building far above the ground).  The pool was probably about 10 blocks long by 5 blocks wide.  It was enormous.  Someone decided we (the swim coaches) should get tattoos while at the international swim team event.  I didn't want one but somehow other people's tattoos got transferred to my forearms.  One was a compass on my left arm.  And on my right arm was a lame short quote in cursive AND a huge colorful ad for a car company that stretched all the way up my arm.  The girl who had decided to get that tattoo realized a bunch of words were spelled wrong after seeing it on our arms and the colors suddenly became really vibrant after looking at it for awhile.

I was so upset that I asked Sierra to take over guiding my swim team in their competition while I went and booked a flight home because I was wo over this whole experience.  All of a sudden I woke up in my own bed thinking I had actually woken up from my dream but really I had entered another layer of my dream.  I looked at my arms and saw that I still had the tattoos so I was furious.  I thought, aw crap so that wasn't a dream, I guess I really did get these damn tattoos.  I decided to leave my hotel room (which looked like my bedroom) at the swim team event to go down and yell at the concession stand where I had gotten the magical tattoos.  The man at the counter said because it was a mistake that the tattoos got transferred to me and because I was so upset he would give me back a $500 coupon and I could try rubbing off the tattoos.  I managed to scrub off most of the tattoos but there was still a faint trace of the giant misspelled car ad on my right arm.  I then actually woke up in my own bed and wasn't sure if I was still in a new dimension of my dreams or in real life.  I checked my arms to see if the tattoos were still there and they were not.  Phew!

Here's what I interpret from my dream:
Jenette is one of my best friends here in Seattle and she is actually becoming a part of the Moorea Seal team as we expand in the coming months, there's a hint at the Big Secret Project!  So obviously, I'm around her so much that she is morphing into my dreams!  I'm obsessed with her loft space so maybe that channeled into the dream because her mansion was amaaaazing.  I love her cats so much, so of course they were in the dream too.  I love the zoo and Jenette & I go there together often so maybe that's why there were zoo animals.  And Max is so supportive when I'm feeling flustered so maybe that is why he was there to clear out the animals.

I don't know why Sierra and I were swim team coaches because she and I are 0% interested in swimming.  But she is one of the most stable and calm people I have ever known in my life.  So I like to think that I needed her there in my dream with me as I was getting so upset about my tattoos because she is such a steady friend and can always be relied on.  I don't want any tattoos because I am SO picky about design & a long term commitment to a specific aesthetic.  So obviously I would be PISSED about ugly permanent tattoos on my body.  I'm not usually one to pitch a fit when something goes wrong though, so maybe because I try to remain calm on the outside in real life, my inside is really amped up about things out of my control.  I am a bit of a control freak but try my best to not be that way all the time.  So there is my own insight.

My dream from the night before:
I dreamt that I was hanging out at a hugh, dark college/spa and a guy I probably never even talked to in high school managed to trick me and steal my cell phone along with rigging all my tech devices to not function.  I was really mad because I have a lot of work to do on my Big Secret Project.  I finally figured out who did it after 2 days and stormed to his house which I think was a frat house just STUFFED with people and proceeded to rip him apart verbally.  But he kept denying that he did it. Then Marilyn Manson showed up to negotiate and finally got the guy to give me my phone back along with fixing my tech devices. Conclusion: thanks Marilyn Manson for you negotiation skills and your surprisingly calming spirit.

Here's what I interpret from my dream:
I'm pretty sure the random guy from high school who showed up in my dream appeared because he randomly popped up in my facebook friends feed the day before and I remember thinking, "Am I even friends with him on facebook?  Weird."  In real life I feel like I've been really on top of getting everything in order for the Big Secret Project in a timely manner.  But I guess the idea of losing all my tech devices right now would be frightening if I think about it.  I don't know how in the world Marylin Manson showed up in my dream as I hated his music growing up.  But he was super nice, mellow, and helpful in my dream so that's cool.

Overall Conclusion:
I am far more angsty and in your face with people in my dreams than in real life!  Maybe it just reveals that internally I am very passionate, strong willed and will fight for something when it deserves justice.  But on the outside in every day life I try really hard to be calm, patient, polite, and understanding and do my best to just let things go.  Maybe I try TOO hard to be nice in real life and my interior self is feeling pent up?  I deeply appreciate the friends in my life, like Jenette, Sierra, and my boyfriend, who I can lean on because I know I'm not a tower of strength and patience all the time and I can trust them with seeing all of me.  It's nice to be reminded in my dreams that I am not as hard as stone and need to rely on others more.  Perhaps I need to rely more on others so I can let more things go internally.  Maybe that will help my crazy dreams!

What is you dream life like?


Molly Clark said...

I have crazy, vivid dreams a lot too, and I'm constantly analyzing them. Sometimes they are like really short blips that don't have any surrounding story, just lik a singular movie scene kind of. Last week I dreamt I was hanging out with Stacy King (Sucre) and her daughter who just turned 6 months. In my dream Stacy was running around trying to get things done while I played with the baby, who was uncharacteristically grumpy. I finally got the baby to smile and she had 6 teeth coming in. Hence the grumpiness. I have no idea what that dream meant, but I have dreams about things happening to other people, that then actually happen to them a lot.

I don't know anything about analyzing other people's dreams, but intuitively I felt some things from your descriptions.

I felt like the animals in the first dream signified any hurdles that you're going to encounter during your big project. The fact that you feel like they were there because you like animals and go to the zoo often tells me that you weren't incredibly stressed by the situation, so that tells me you'll do pretty well at keeping your own stresses to a minimum. Max's involvement makes it seem, to me, that you definitely don't take him for granted. I feel like something soon will bring you even closer together and you'll have new realizations about how much he means to you, and what your life together will be like. The shark and the little girl might mean something unexpected, neither negative or positive will occur in your life, or of someone close to you.

The tattoo thing is definitely your subconscious trying to work out what you're feeling about something that is out of your control.

The second dream seems to say that things or people from your past keep popping up. The Marilyn Manson thing may signify growth (you didn't like his music, but he was actually cool), or a reminder of how we as humans are always changing and should be open to the change and different thinking.

That's just what I think, which is pretty similar to some of your own interpretation.

Thanks for sharing what's going on in your mind. It's always kind of fun to hear about other people's wacky dreams. I smile every time the first thing my husband says in the morning is, "Babe, I had the craziest dream!"

Gwen Charles said...

wow. thanks for sharing. I love to know other people have vivid dreams. i have vivid, colorful dreams and recently decided to try and translate as many of them as I could remember with bold colors and interesting objects into video art. they are on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/gwencharles. Last month my maternal grandmother told me she has had vivid, violent dreams her entire life; she has punched husbands and holes into walls in her sleep! Her new doctor put her on a drug that prevents her from dreaming. I had no idea such a drug existed. My grandmother said its the first time in her life she has slept through the night without a night terror. My sleeping and lucid dreams inspire me and I would not want to take anything to remove them from my life. Lets make a toast to a good night sleep full of REM!