52 Lists // Week 18

I've been in go mode for a few weeks now and lordy did I need a day or two alone this weekend.  I am about 95% introvert.  Over the years I have become more and more outgoing and I'm good at getting my game face on when I need to, but I do lose just about all my energy when I'm around a lot of people most of the time.  A lot of people mistake being Introverted for being shy and nervous.  Shyness and being Introverted are actually not related.  Being Introverted simply means that you gain your energy from spending more time alone or with just one other person.  It doesn't mean you don't like hanging out with people, it just means that your energy is depleted when you are in large groups.

I have to constantly remind myself to chill out and allow myself to take time alone, time to refresh and re-group myself.  I took 2 entire days to myself alone this weekend and it was AMAZING.  I ended up feeling so insanely energized on Sunday night that I just couldn't sleep, that's what time alone does to me!  I feel like American culture is pretty Extrovert-centric.  We are expected to do it all, and do it all with fervor and a big smile on our face to present to others.  We are expected to interact and gain happiness from others beyond gaining quiet peace and happiness from our inner selves first.  Man, I wish I was an extrovert sometimes because as I get older, the more and more I find myself in group settings where I need to get my chatter on.  I LOVE love love deep conversations and meeting new people, but it does drain my energy to get to the point where I feel most natural in a conversation.  Introversion is a funny thing folks, and I've come to love it just as much as I love my alone time :)

How do you gain energy or replenish your energy after it has been depleted?  We all do it in such different ways.  For some, gaining energy means getting into a bustling environment filled with action and chatter.  While for others like me, gaining energy means taking time away from others to center yourself and reboot.  It's rare to find a person who is 100% Extrovert or Introvert, but when you are pretty far along one spectrum, your energy boosters are pretty easily defined like how I crave alone time as an Introvert.  Do you seen yourself as someone who needs to gain energy by being alone or by being with others?  Neither one is better, they're just different ways of re-charging!

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Fern said...

I definitely agree with you about spending time alone. I spend just over two days straight with people over my birthday weekend that on my actual birthday I decided to spend the day alone and it was so so nice x

Iris Ashley said...

I love having time alone to myself, sometimes it's the only way to get anything done! I think I need to participate in this list this week because I've been in such a funk and I need to remind myself what energizes me and brings me happiness.

Cherie said...

Never taking naps!!! I agree. They just make me groggy also. It's nice to know someone feels the same way! Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

This post is not linked up to the "52 Lists" index page, yet. Had to go searching for it. Don't want to miss a single one.