52 Lists // Week 19: List the Things You Want to Be Known For

This Spring I have been focusing very intently on how I can expand and improve my business so that it can be sustainable and can go on for many years.  Because my brand/business is so deeply attached to me as a person and my own identity, I often have to step back and ask myself more philosophical questions:  What do I REALLY want to be know for?  Who do I want to be known as?  What do I want my brand to be known for?  What parts of me as a person are essential to my business and which elements of me are not?

I think these are essential questions that many people ask themselves throughout their lives beyond and within the question of "Who am I?"  I've come to know myself very well as I've become more open over the years, and I do my best to represent myself in a way on the web that is true to who I am.  But I do hold somethings back because there are elements of my life that are perfectly fine and right to stay private.  Just like in everyday life, a person doesn't need to try to constantly express every single element of who they at every second of the day.  We are human which innately means that we are complex creatures.  And it's ok to share certain aspects of ourselves with the world while holding back other parts of who are feel we are.  I believe that who we are as humans is a strange mixture of who/what we WANT to be + who/what we ARE already that is completely NATURAL to our individual selves, some of which we can't get rid of fully.  There is good and bad in both, there is ease and hardship in both, and there is the constant option to CHOOSE to be or act a certain way or not.

Sometimes who we want to be becomes natural to us over time like when we fix a bad habit, make the choice to be a better version of ourselves, or when we find healing that opens a new door to being a more truthful person to oneself.  I am of the mindset that if you are trying to be a better or healthier someone that you feel you are not yet, that is a healthy step and a wise and honest decision.  Accepting and acknowledging who you are in the present and who you want to be in the future can be a great thing if you can do both with a healthy and self loving mindset.
But, sometimes we are known for things that we later regret.  And sometimes we become known for something that we never chose to be known for in the first place.  We can start to question ourselves and can spiral into untruthful and hurtful head spaces when others try to define us.  I think these experiences especially hit us as children and then haunt us as adults making us questions, "Who really am I?" both in the eyes of our individual selves and the eyes of others.

I say, move on from the question of who you ARE to instead focus on who and what YOU want to know yourself as and what legacy do YOU want to leave behind for others.  We are human, we are ever changing and that is an incredible element of our uniqueness and beauty, the ability to change both our outer selves and our inner selves.  By wanting to be a better, healthier version of yourself you are not being fake.  By making the choice to be kind and compassionate to others,  you are not being false.  You have any moment in your life to make a new decision to be a better you, to be a healthier, more positive, a more honest and inviting you.  And you have the choice to make your own changes because YOU want to.  You know deep down who and what you want to be known for.  And whether people ever see some of those things doesn't really matter.  What matters is that YOU seek to be the person you want to be.

What do you want to be known for in your lifetime or just in this moment?  Perhaps there are things you want to heal from, so how are you going to take action to do so?  You have that choice, and you do have that power.  You do.  What elements of yourself do you want to be admired for beyond your physical beauty?  Every single person, even those of you who feel you have no self esteem right now, has something they know they could be or do if they just have the courage and faith to be or do it.  So, how are you going to take the steps to become the person you want to be known as being?  Do you want to be known as someone who is loving?  Then do it!  Take action and share your love with those around you even if you think it will surprise them!  Do you want to be known as someone who is passionate?  Then reveal what you have a fire for in your heart, share and allow yourself to be vulnerable.  You have a blaze that needs to be ignited and only you can make it happen.  The power is in your hands and the more that you make a choice to be the person you want to be, the more natural each step will feel.  Your life is long so you have time to fully become who you want to be, who you know you are meant to be.  Celebrate your journey and pursue each step with vigor and trust in yourself to make change.  You have the power, so start your legacy.

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Ffion said...

I think this list has resulted in one of my favourite calligraphy pages so far. Loving this challenge more and more as it continues, the prompts are fantastic and are helping me gain lots of mini-insights into my life along with giving me a super-fun way to practice my calligraphy.

Thank you for being a continuing source of inspiration! <3

Tatiana said...

I love this list idea, and will add mine tonight. Thank you so much for this source of inspiration! Everything you write is so lovely.

Anonymous said...

How come all your list headers say the word 'the' twice in a row? Is there a meaning behind it?

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