A Life & Travel Update

1.  I am visting home today and tomorrow, so yesterday night my family and I went out for sushi for my middle sister's birthday!
2.  THANK YOU to all of my blogger friends and real life friends who have sent cards to my mom while she is going through chemo.  She has kept all of them and feels so special knowing even people shoe doesn't know are sending her good, healing thoughts.
3.  My mom showing me all of the cards se has been given by her community of friends.
4.  My youngest sister shaved her head in solidarity with my mom!  Such a sweet gesture.  Last night they played with fun wigs :)

1.  My middle sister and her sweetie dog Newo.  She's a rescue dog and is most likely a lab/rotwieler mix and is the sweetest thing on earth.
2.  My sisters and I at sushi.  Ignore my wacky weird smile.
3.  My dad is trying out some Warby Parker glasses!  We decided that he looks coolest in somewhat round tortoise shell glasses.  So cute.  He will be ordering the pair on the left today!

Max and I have been planning to come down and visit our families and to go to Yosemite for quite a few months now.  His family and my family live about 20 mins from each other in the same county.  Have I mentioned that we went to the same high school in Northern California and had a lot of similar friends, but we didn't start dating until after college?  Cute.  Anyway, Max worked at a camp a few years ago in Yosemite and every summer before camp starts up again they have a volunteer work weekend.  So we are headed down there tomorrow to help clean up camp and to hang out with old friends.
I am SO glad we had planned this week of travel months ago.  I would have never expected in just February that I would have so much on my plate with my business expanding, we just hired our 4th intern 2 days ago!  I've ben working extremely hard lately and I am so looking forward to having 3 days in the woods with no cell phone reception or internet connection.  It will be a huge refresher after weeks and weeks of really intense work.  I basically need no internet and no cell phone reception to get me to stop working because I love my work so much and I'm obsessed with our whole staff of inspiring ladies.  I'll be introducing them on the blog soon!
I am so grateful that we were also able to visit our families on this trip.  I haven't been home since Christmas and the last time I saw my family was in March when we went to my grandfather's funeral in LA.  I hadn't seen my momma since she started chemo, so this has been so special to me so far in just 24 hours of being home.  My mom is doing really well.  She had to go to the ER a few days ago because she was really shaky and chemo brain had kicked in.  But right now she is doing well, is just as chipper as ever, and has a huge smile on her face.  She still looks perfectly beautiful even with her hair loss.  She has a really classic 40's glamour lady look so a fun head wrap or turban looks completely fitting on her.

Here are my plans for the next week and a half:

May 23,  Today:  Max & I in Nevada City, CA
May 24,  Friday:  Drive down to Yosemite, CA
May 25 & 26,  Sat/Sun:  Yosemite, CA
May 27,  Mon:  Drive back up to Nevada City, CA
May 28,  Tues:  Max & I fly back up to Seattle, WA
May 29,  Weds:  Jenette & I fly down to Long Beach, CA to see my business partner
May 30,  Thurs: in Long Beach, CA
May 31,  Fri:  Jenette & I fly back up to Seattle, WA
June 1,  Sat:  Photoshoot for the BIG Secret Project!
June 2,  Sun:  Photoshoot for the BIG Secret Project!

Basically, the week and a half ahead is crazy, crazy, crazy.  But also exciting, exciting, exciting.  My apologies ahead of time if I am unable to keep up with blog posts for the next 2 weeks but I'll try my best!  I'm so excited to tell you more about what I have been working on and how our team has been expanding.  Expect some behind the scenes sneak peeks of the photoshoot coming up!  And again, if any of you would like to send my mom a card or a care package, mail your cards to:

Moorea's Momma
PO Box 31686
Seattle, WA 98103

Thank you everyone for staying connected while I'm in a crazy busy season of life!


Andrea Carpenter said...

sending prayers and encouraging thoughts to your mom, you and your whole family during this time. love you!!

katie walker said...

you sound busy lady!! but its so nice in the middle of all the crazyness to have some family time!
can't wait to see all the things coming up with your business!!


CaninesCouture said...

Sounds like a jam packed schedule!! Enjoy! :)


Jules of Canines & Couture

Anonymous said...

Sending warm thoughts to you and your family. So great that you got to visit with them. Your momma is gorgeous!
Have a blast on your trip! That schedule looks incredible.
PS- Can't wait for the Big Secret reveal :)


Emma said...

Sounds like a full week. Have a blast in your trip, and don't get jet lagged.


Amanda said...

Wow! That's a crazy full week and a half! Sending thoughts to you and your family. AHHHHH! I live in Long Beach and it would be really awesome to meet you but alas, I'll be out of town. Boo! I hope you have fun and if you need any suggestions on what to do, let me know!

Dori the Giant said...

Lovely update! You have so many plans ahead of you. I have 0. Haha. Hopefully I'll be as busy as you someday!

BreAnne said...

That is a crazy travel schedule but still sounds like fun. Glad you get some family time. My thoughts are with you, your mom, and your family. Enjoy your time in Long Beach today and tomorrow!!!! That is my neck of the woods. Can't wait for the secret project reveal.
Travel Safe.
Love Always, BreAnne

Ffion said...

Sounds like an insane crazy week :) Have a fantastic time! Wishing you much success with your projects.