I'm a Speaker at the Texas Style Conference!

I'm very excited to announce that I will be leading a workshop/speaking at the Texas Style Council Conference in August!  At first I thought I couldn't probably go because I have a wedding to attend on August 2nd in California.  But I decided that it's too great of a chance to meet so many of my online friends to pass up.  So I'll be jetting out after the wedding on the 2nd to be there on the 3rd and the 4th!  Quite a few of the other ladies who will be leading workshops are some of my favorite people I have met, virtually, so I'm happy I'll get to meet them in person finally after years of chatting back and forth on the web.  I'll let you know soon about the topic I will be speaking on :)  This is my first time speaking at a conference and I am really excited to share some insider tips on my topic!

This year is turning out to be a whirlwind of a year for me with traveling!  I am traveling almost every single month this year and in some months I'll be traveling multiple times to multiples states.  Phew!  So far I've been back to California a few times, Salt Lake City, UT for the first time, and Dallas, TX for the first time.  Actually, those were my first times ever in Utah and Texas and both were for blogger events!  Next up this month I'll be headed to my hometown in Northern California to see my family and most especially my momma.  Then we're off to Yosemite in California with my sweetheart for a much needed escape to the woods.  And lastly, I'll be headed down to Southern California to see my business partner.  Yea, this month is crazy because all of that is happening within a 10 day stretch.

May:  Northern California + Yosemite + LA.
June:  Southern Washington + Oregon
July:  San Francisco (See you at Alt Summit!)
August:  The Bay Area, CA + Austin, TX (See you at the Texas Style Council!)
September:  Nothing yet...
October: North Carolina + Palm Springs, CA (I'll be at the Go Mighty Camp!)
November:  Oregon
December: Northern California

I'd love to hear if any of you will be attending the same events as me over the course of this year.  It's always so fun getting to meet web-based friends in real life!  I constantly have moments where I think, man, this is so weird that I legitimately consider people I have only talked to on the internet as friends.  Also, this is really insane that I have built a business solely because of the internet!  There are SO many things that are a part of my daily life and my career that wouldn't have even been possible 10 years ago.  And obviously, I am so grateful for it all and grateful for you!  I hope we can meet-up sometime soon :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is going to be full of wonderful travel adventures! Traveling is the best- you learn so much about new places and about yourself and it also makes you appreciate home so much more when you get back! I'm sure you will be adding even more destinations as the year goes along. Congrats to such a busy and successful travel/work year! =) Can't wait to read about all the trips!



gina said...

so exciting! I wish I could go to see you and so many other amazing bloggers. You will be awesome :).

Nikita Brown said...

You should add NY to your open September space and I will see you at the Go Mighty camp!!

14th & Peachtree

Savannah Wallace said...

Moorea. I'm so freaking excited. Jenny and I just registered. Can't wait to see you there! :)

Michelle | CreatureType.com said...

Whhooaaa, so many bloggers I love! Dang. I've been looking for an excuse to visit Austin. Maybe this is a good one! :o

Sarah said...

This sounds like it would be an amazing experience where I could finally meet you and a lot of the other bloggers I have been dying to connect with...but...It seems so grown up and intimidating and probably not for a youngin' like me. I mean those types of events are for really serious adult bloggers and such right? Right...
xoxo. sarah jasmine.

kate said...

secrets continue. ;) can't wait for the surprise!

in other news yay, Teika! I just started following her blog and did that great 1000 mile boot giveaway, yay Michigan blogger!

that's lots of traveling, enjoy it!

candace said...

Oh wow, I live in Austin and I've never heard of this conference! Might check it out, thanks! :)