Kris Orlowski

My friend Kris Orlowski has been doing some pretty fantastic things lately.  When I was still doing freelance graphic design and Illustration, I had designed 2 of his album covers & layouts and it was a joy working with him.  Seeing how much he has done with his music in such a short time is so inspiring.  He recently contributed a cover of Such Great Heights to the album Never Give Up.  All proceeds from pay-what-you-want donations for the album go to mechanical licenses (so The Postal Service gets paid legally) and to long-term Hurricane Sandy relief via the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.  Pretty wonderful, right?

Check out more of Kris' music on his website.  The kid writes some pretty beautiful songs, I must say!

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Molly Clark said...

Oh my goodness, I am loving what I'm hearing here! I am hearing several influences in his style that I adore. Thanks for sharing Moorea.