Stunning Ceramics

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I'm in hardcore ceramics love right now.  I wish I had time to take a ceramics class but boy is my schedule already way too full!  Instead I've created a little collection of my favorite ceramic objects from Etsy on Luvocracy.  I'm so fascinated by the different ways that you can play with glazes and textures.  The splatter effect on the plate by Julia Paul is so effortlessly stunning.  And the gold plated interior of the crackled exterior bowl by Marietta LeMieux is genius.  That bowl is the bling-iest most beautiful object I've seen in some time.


Amy said...

I have a serious love for ceramics too...would love to take a class sometime! I need those tumblers in my kitchen (#7) :)

ps...can't wait to see you this Sunday!!

Tyler and Natalie said...
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Tyler and Natalie said...

Oh, I love ceramics as well. That Marietta LeMieux bowl is stunning!

I've been dreaming of the amaï ceramic collection for my future home: http://amaisaigon.com/

Anke said...

These are all so beautiful! I took a ceramics class last year and found it quite challenging. It's a lot more difficult than one might think. Hope you get to do one soon :)

Anna Zimmerman said...

I love that top left one! The glaze on it is so pretty.