Things I Want to Read & Do Now & Later

I have had just about no time to read blogs in the last month.  It's crazy that after years and years of running my own blog and religiously reading all of my favorite blogs daily, I've come to a point where I just barely have time to read other people's blogs anymore.  I wish it were as simple as giving myself a set amount of time every morning to read them but unfortunately I've already done the same with so many work related tasks.  I just don't have the time these days to choose between blog scanning or getting important work done, blog scanning or taking precious time to invest in my personal life.
I am trying to at least take a morning every few weeks to browse all of my favorite blogs to collect articles I really want to read when I have the time.  And when something really sparks my interest, I do take that sacred time to read it all the way through, soaking up every word.  Wouldn't it be amazing if every blog post felt that way?

Here is my current I read it & loved it or I scanned it and I really want to read it later list. 

Traveling & Working as a Creative Entrepreneur - by Braid
  -  since January, I have been and will be traveling at least once a month.  This year is crazy!
Things I've Learned: Working for Yourself - Jenny Highsmith
Fear of Doing Wrong = Not Doing it At All - Door 16
50 Blog Post Ideas for Rough Days - The House That Lars Built
Standing Out From the Crowd - Altitude Summit
Artists & Alchemists - Shae Detar
Tips & Tricks for Blogging - Design Crush
On Working from Home - A Beautiful Mess
Editorial Calendars - Altitude Summit

DIY Stump Side tables - A Beautiful Mess
DIY Embossing - Emmadime
A Beautiful & Affordable Temporary Back Splash - Door 16
DIY Yoga Mat Bag - Sincerely Kinsey
DIY Wood Coffee Table - Jenny Highsmith
DIY Dry Shampoo - Sincerely Kinsey
DIY Round-Up - SF Girl By Bay
DIY Stamp Artwork - Emmadime
DIY Stone Welcome Mat - Jenny Highsmith
DIY Solid Perfume - Sincerely Kinsey
DIY Floral Happy Birthday Headbands - Oh Happy Day

The C Word - Making Nice in the Midwest
Mother's Day Card - The House That Lars Built
Meal Planning - Kyla Roma
Yummy Salad Recipe - Bleubird
Timeline for a Tragedy - Making Nice in the Midwest


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

great round up and i've addede some of these to my reading list!

Anonymous said...

wow, great round up!

XO Sahra

Heather said...

I love when you do these posts. I have a handful of favorite blogs but it's always nice to come across new ones. Thanks for sharing!

Jenny Highsmith said...

Thank you so much for featuring me in this post!! I'm so excited to hear about you speaking at the Texas Style Council... Savannah and I are seriously wanting to go and looking at everything right now. It looks incredible!!