52 Lists: Week 21. We're Back!

I've been busy busy these past two weeks, trying to catch up on a lot of work.  So my apologies for not being able to post a 52 Lists Prompt last week.  I'll be posting two this week to make up for it :)  So expect the Week 22 list later this week!

Today the prompt is "List Your Favorite Songs."  For me, this list is much different than my favorite albums.  It takes a lot for me to fully love an entire album.  Truly loving an entire collection of songs contained in one album takes a different set of criticisms and observations than when I fall deeply in love with one specific song.  With albums, it's all about observing balance between the different songs and contemplating the variety of emotions that are brought up by the transitions within the song sets.  Well, that is a very analytical way of putting it but it's more intuitive for me than that sounds :)
With individual songs, I think I fall in love with them based on a few different things depending on the song:  unique background sounds and rhythms, the specific emotion that the song brings up for me, great lyricism, a memory sparked by a song, and how powerfully it sends me into a specific space within my soul like im entering an awake dream.  When a song really hits me, I feel like my chest swells with the sounds, my eyes no longer focus on what is in front of me and instead feel like they are seeing only blurred sound, color, and vibrations.  I can't help but sway to the beat of music and my toes automatically start moving to pattern of the melody.

"Golden Brown" by the Stranglers is by FAR my favorite song and has been since I was in high school.  Since I'm turning 27 in about a week, I guess it has been my favorite song for 10 years now, maybe longer!  It was released in 1981 and kind of had a revival because of being in the movie Snatch in 2000.  I never got into any other of the The Stranglers music because I just fell immediately in love with this song when I heard it and their other music sounds nothing like this song.

Listen to my favorite songs on 8track, or just click the player above to start listening!  A few of the tracks from my list are missing from the player, but there are still 54 different songs for your to browse and check out. :)

What do you favorite songs represent for you?  For me, I just feel something magic about all of my favorite songs, even if some of them are a little funny.  Magic and something that speaks to all the facets of me, from contemplative and stoic to playful and fun.

As always, feel free to download the PDF list above or write down your list in a journal.  If you post about it on Twitter, Instagram, your blog, or Pinterest, then stop back here and link up your list so we can all visit each others lists and gain inspiration & insight from one another.

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Ffion said...

Woohoo! *runs to create list* Your absence gave me a chance to catch up on the lists I'd missed though ;) Only week 8 to catch up on now.

Looking forward to hearing about all the exciting things your up to!

Angela Holland said...

Welcome back. I look forward to this list each week. Keep up the good work

Chloe Moon said...

Yeah!! I missed these lists!! =) thank you!! I hope all is well with you!