Color Trend: Cobalt Blue

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I'm really digging the fresh bold color of Cobalt Blue for Summer 2013.  I rarely ever gravitate towards blues being that warm tones look best on my skin tone.  But I'm really liking the quiet trend of blue that I'm starting to see in various stores lately.  If I did buy something cobalt blue, I think I would go for an accessory like shoes, delicate bracelets, or a purse.  But if you are a cool toned sort of lady, which means you look better in brighter pink make-up tones rather than peachy orange make-up, you can totally pull off a bold blue dress, sweater, or sunglasses.  What do you think of cobalt blue.  Vote on some cobalt blue shoe options!


Nicole Olson said...

I bought a cobalt blue light jacket before spring and I wear it all the time. I love the color, it's so flattering!

Anonymous said...

A wonder color! It looks good with black too!

Natalie Britton said...

Oh, what a gorgeous color. I need that purse!