My Birthday Wish List

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Guess what?  Well, obviously if you have read the title of this post, it's my birthday coming up on June 21st!  My birthday lands on the Summer Solstice every year except for leap years.  This year I don't think I'll get to really celebrate my birthday ON my birthday.  I'll most likely need to work the morning of my birthday, and in the afternoon Max and I are headed to some of our friends' wedding festivities   We have some friends getting married on the 22nd in lower Washington and there is a special bbq happening the night before along with camping at the woodsy venue with a bunch of people.  The crew of folks are super nice and fun but they're not my closest friends so I don't think I'll be doing any birthday celebrating that night, especially since we are celebrating our friends wedding!

I really suck at planning for my own birthday, haha.  And this year, most of my good friends live far away so I don't really have the crew to invite to a big birthday shin dig.  I'm more of a small gathering sort of person anyway though so having just a few close friends nearby works the best for my personality.  Hello introversion :)  Because I am also putting a ton of time and money into my BIG Secret Project, I don't have much money to spend on a birthday event.  So I'm currently trying to think of inexpensive funny, weird, one of a kind experiences that I can do for my birthday with maybe 4-10 friends.  The other problem is that I'll be gone for the weekend of my birthday and the weekend I'll be doing a big photo shoot for the Big Secret Project, so weekends are out for birthday shin digging.

Can you think of any fun, funny, weird experiences that you wouldn't normally do on a regular day that don't cost very much and can be done on a week night with a few friends?  Maybe an underground ghost tour of Seattle, maybe something really dorky like this medieval times place that is 40 mins outside of Seattle, maybe just a game night with yummy drinks.  Got any ideas?


Ffion said...

I celebrated my birthday this year with some friends for the first time in years. I bought a pizza base and various things to put on it and then everyone got to lay their own slice of pizza.
I also find it very chilled to just have everyone bring something to eat and a game maybe and then we just sit around, eat, chat and maybe play something if we feel like it. Birthdays don't have to be complicated. Good company is often enough :)
Maybe you could do something like that?

Jerrie Luginbill said...

The Underground Ghost Tour sounds like a blast. My brother just went and it's definitely on my summer to-do list.

I also really want to do a Sprinkle party at Cupcake Royale. Really? What's better than cupcakes? http://www.cupcakeroyale.com/sprinkleparties.php

Whatever you decide have a glorious day! :)

Kimberly Fowler said...

I read this girl's blog post about how she celebrated her birthday. She spent the day checking off a list she made of random acts of kindness. I think you could spend as much or as little and put your own spin on it. I think I would have fun helping a friend do this!

Melissa said...

Amazing wishlist! I hope you have an incredible birthday! x


Katie said...

Happy Birthday! June 21st is the best birthday (it's mine, too :) - longest birthday of the year. I highly recommend the Seattle Underworld tour of all the brothels and general seedy underbelly from the city's early days, if you haven't done it before.

Kate said...

Not sure what's in your area but I just had a birthday a couple of weeks ago, and there is a hot springs near my house! It was around $13 for an hour of hot-tubbing, and my friends and I drank wine and had a fantastic time!!

Natalie Britton said...

Happy early birthday, Moorea!
A night of board games and drinks is always fun. Scattergories is my go-to game. Craft nights are also great.
Personally, I've always wanted to have a Mexican-themed party including going to a restaurant, wearing a sombrero and being seranaded by Mariachi servers, then going back home for a piñata and margaritas.

dorothyann said...

There have been some fabulous suggestions already, but I'll toss my two cents in as well! I love discovering new places, stores, restaurants, and sights all over the world, so that always seems like a fun way to spend a special day!
For inspiration I usually turn to Atlas Obscura, which is an online compendium of fun, interesting, and unique discoveries all over the world. They have everything from famous landmarks and sculptures, to forgotten or rarely-visited sights. For the adventurer, I recommend you check it out! Whatever you end up doing, have a wonderful day!

Christopher Seal said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Moorea...!!!

docdivatraveller said...

advance happy bday!! mine is on 22!!great blog!! let me know if we can follow each other!!

Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

My birthday is on New Year's Day, so it's never been 'easy' to celebrate it (everyone is hungover!). I usually just choose to have a few close friends over for pizza and a movie. It's nice and chill and no fuss.

Patti O said...

Miniature/putt-putt golf! It won't be as busy as it would be on the weekend, there are usually coupons somewhere, and it's light later for you! I did this about 10 years ago, and we all had a lot of fun. Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

a tour and tasting at Theo's chocolates would rock