PNW Blogger Spotlight: Phi-Style

Thanks for sticking with me as I took a little break from the blog the past 2 weeks.  Life has been an exciting whirlwind.  One of my favorite people who has entered my life in the last few weeks is this beautiful lady above, Tram from Phi-Style.  It's honestly a bit ridiculous that I get to say she is one of our interns.  Tram is one of the most stylish and hard working people I have met in quite some time.  We have so appreciated all she has done in our studio so far and good lord and I thankful she arrived at the time she did!

I didn't even know that Tram had a lifestyle blog until she had been working with us for a few weeks.  Her style is one I covet and because she always has the greatest outfits on every time she comes in to work, I feel like I need to get my style game face on much more seriously than I have been lately!  Because I've been working by and for myself alone for the last few years, I've definitely gotten lazy when it comes to getting dressed, wearing any make-up at all, and let's be real here, I avoid taking the time to wash my hair unless it's really desperately necessary.  So I'm taking some inspiration from Tram's impeccable minimalist style to try and get back into having a bit more style in my everyday outfits.  Her everyday outfits are perfection.

Visit Tram's blog Phi-Style.


Ladies in Navy said...

kw ladies in navy

TRAM said...

AWWWW. Feeling very ~ you-know-what ~. This was so nice! You're the best! =)